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Health Science Student Activities

School Nurse Honor Society

The New Jersey City University School Nurse Honor Society was founded to provide recognition and advancement of the specialty practice of school nursing within the nursing and educational communities. The Honor Society also provides an opportunity for mentoring school nurses, networking and collaboration among school nurse colleagues, and acknowledgement of the significant contributions of school nurses.


  • To provide recognition to the valuable contributions of school nurses.
  • To support university efforts in promoting and providing quality education for school nurses.
  • To be instrumental in planning and securing the future of school nursing practice.
  • To endorse, plan and develop professional development conferences specific to the needs of school nurses in conjunction with the University.
  • To provide mentoring, scholarship, and support to nurses attempting to achieve school nurse certification, as well as certified school nurses attempting to achieve advanced degrees

Eligibility Criteria:
In order to be considered for membership in this society applicants must:

  • Be a graduate of New Jersey City University's Bachelor's or Master's Program.
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 during their studies at NJCU.
  • Be employed as a certified school nurse for a minimum of five years
  • Be a member of a County, State (NJSSNA), or national (NASN) school nurse association.

Applications will be reviewed annually and decisions made in April of each year. Download the Application for School Nurse Honor Society

Community Health Internship Projects

Jennifer Singer is a community health science major. She conducted her internship at the Hudson Perinatal Consortium at Planned Parenthood.
She said her internship
"provided me with the opportunity to enhance my professional growth through supervised and practical work experience related to community public health education. This internship gave me the opportunity to work on research, organizational, and presentational skills that were very useful and valuable in my future career."

Timothy Santos conducted his community health internship at the Garfield Renewal Company in Jersey City. The offices of the Garfield Avenue Renewal Company were established to develop public awareness and community relations with the residents in the area. According to Timothy, he found this experience both challenging and rewarding. The internship exposed Timothy to problems in the community, in particular conflicts between company, city authorities, and residents. Mr. Santos added that this experience
"allowed him to demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge and skills from courses in the major".

Glorimar Mendez is a community health science major who interned at the Morristown Health Department. She learned the agency's role in the community was varied and included; wholesale and retail food establishment inspections, conducting epidemiological investigations, monitoring streams, lakes, and groundwater, inspecting pools and spas, investigating air and noise pollution, investigating reports of disease outbreaks, addressing public health concerns, investigating pest and rodent complaints, investigating debris and garbage, screenings, immunization audits, health fairs, emergency management, and public health education. She described the work of the health specialist at the time of her internship;
"The public health nurse was trying to develop and implement a health program that involved a weight loss program for all town employees. She was testing it on the employees to then implement in on the community. She was attending meetings on obesity and researching information to understand the problem and come up with ways to conduct the program. She was also getting information from an organization on weight loss and received a lot of helpful booklets and tapes from them. She also worked on finding a location for the program, time line for the program, and creating a profile for the participants to fill out on the first day. She had to basically do all the work. She did a needs assessment, developed a focus and learning objectives, and found education materials. Once the program begins, she will also be implementing it herself."