Dear students/colleagues,

For those of us who have been in the field for some time and remember the origin of Nurses Day that morphed into a week of celebrations, we remember exciting days stacked with gifts, ceremonies, recognitions and generous spreads with delicacies’ reflecting the appreciation of our employers, our communities and our professional organizations . As times passed and the cost of health care impacted our hospitals and health care agencies the pull back in those celebrations returned us a single day with a poster and a cafeteria lunch. Although we always remained one of the most trusted professions in our country, our value has always been underestimated. So while the circumstances that have surround this most recent appreciation was horrid, it did allow America to see what we have always exampled. We are skilled, capable practitioners playing a pivotal role as first responders who are essential in the maintenance of life as we know it

So today take a moment to pay attention to the expressions of appreciation for your commitment, compassion and service. I have no doubt that whenever out lives began to resemble some of what we used to know, there will be festive and visible displays of thanks to you for all you have provided and sacrificed during this crisis. Let us take the opportunity to advocate for ourselves beyond the parades that will laud the recovery. You will have the platforms that will allow you to become the advocates and change agents that have always been a part of Nursing’s vision and mission

This pandemic did not create the numerous problems in our health care system but it has laid them out to bare. The disparities that exist in our system and the inability for all to receive quality care has been longstanding issues that nurses will have a chance to continue to champion for change.

As I said in our previous letter, we never expected the year of the nurse to translate to this, the department wants you to know how proud we are of you today and every day. So today – take your break; as importantly take a breath. Exhale everything that has kept you from celebrating your own personal victory. You deserve this day and you deserve a selfish moment. Today it’s all about you/us..

Happy Nurses Day - EVERY DAY

Drs. Gloria Boseman and Denise Branchizio, Co-Chairs

And the Nursing Faculty – Dr. Barbara Blozen, Dr. Lorraine Chewey, Dr. Nelda Ephraim, Dr. Donna Ho Shing, Dr. Patricia Joffe, Dr. Shanda Johnson, Dr. Kathleen Mahoney, Dr. Jeanne Ruggiero, Dr. Debra Scardaville and Dr. Joyce Wright