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Purpose and Goals

This program is designed to offer students a unique opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree “seamlessly” at two institutions of higher education. Under this agreement students will enter into a sequential degree program wherein a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in National Security Studies degree at New Jersey City University (NJCU) is predicated upon conferral of an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree at Bergen Community College (BCC).  Students who participate in this program will be initially identified by BCC, who will provide notification to NJCU prior to the completion of designated A.S. degree program.  BCC will monitor the academic progress of students covered by this Dual Admissions Program Agreement.  Students who subsequently complete their A.S. degree program and fulfill all criteria of this Dual Admissions Program Agreement will enter NJCU as fully matriculated students with junior-year standing.

NJCU's Professional Security Studies department is pleased to announce that are currently offering the following classes at Bergen Community College:

  • SECU 150 Introduction to Professional Security- Monday, 7:00 pm to 9:45 pm in Room L-141
  • SECU 321 Seminar in National Security- Monday, 4:25 pm to 6:55 pm in Room L-141

Benefits/Advantages of This New Program

  • Creation of a four-year plan for completing the Bachelor of Science in National Security Studies degree;
  • Provision of early planning with BCC and NJCU counselors to ensure a smooth transfer;
  • Special advising from NJCU faculty while enrolled at BCC;
  • Prospective students will be offered admissions and financial aid advising through      scheduled visits to the BCC campus;
  • Ability to earn both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees while maximizing transferability of credits;
  • A guarantee that students who meet the stated criteria will have a reserved place in the National Security Studies program at NJCU;

Requirements for Admission to NJCU under the Dual Admissions Program Agreement

Admission to NJCU is contingent upon a student's:

  • Admission to BCC;
  • Completion and submission of the Dual Admissions Program Application and the Academic Record Release Form at time of acceptance to BCC;
  • Attainment of a grade point average of 2.0 or higher at BCC;
  • Meeting the general admission criteria of NJCU;
  • Submission of official transcripts of BCC;
  • Submission of official transcripts of all previous college work at each institution attended

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For more information please contact securitystudies@njcu.edu or:

Syed Haider
Program Coordinator
Professional Security Studies