MBA/Harvard Certificate at Brookdale

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Earn your MBA close to home at NJCU and a Harvard Credential of Readiness (CORe)

  • Prepare for graduate business school

  • No need for the GRE, GMAT, or pre-requisite courses

  • Further your career
  • Understand and apply foundational skills in analytics, economics, and financial accounting
  • Complement your online learning with in-person class coaching sessions
  • Engage with fellow learners and gain valuable connections through networking
  • Earn a credential of readiness in key business skills from HBX and Harvard Business School.
  • Immerse yourself in real world business problems to develop or continue competency in: business analytics, economics for managers, and financial accounting. The online HBX platform allows you to interact with and learn from a global cohort.

Culminating in the Credential of Readiness (CORe) from HBX and Harvard Business School, the HBX CORe at NJCU uses the tried and true case-study learning model from Harvard in combination with Harvard Business School to teach business fluency in the areas of Financial Accounting, Economics for Managers, and Business Analytics. NJCU integrates the HBX CORe into its 9-credit hour course BUSI 599 Graduate Business Essentials and includes best-in-class industry professionals and faculty as coaches to provide learners with weekly support.

HBX Credential of Readiness for Graduate Business Readiness

NJCU's collaboration with Harvard Business School utilizes their online platform to prepare prospective students for graduate studies in business. If you take NJCU's BUSI 599 Graduate Business Essentials in which HBX CORe is integrated, NJCU may waive requisite scores in the GRE, the GMAT, and other pre-requisite courses for the MBA. The program engages prospective NJCU MBA students with the HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe) program, which offers an interactive, social and case-based education in business analytics, economics and financial accounting.

The HBX CORe program focuses on understanding and solving real-world problems, requires students to play an active role, individually, with other classmates and learners in the NJCU BUSI 599 Graduate Business Essentials, and, just as importantly, with a global cohort of students also participating within the HBX program. The program emphasizes active engagement, discussion, and peer-to-peer learning. HBX CORe is a primer on the fundamentals of business. It is designed to introduce you to the language of business. It assumes no prior familiarity with business concepts, though it does presume a strong motivation to engage and learn. CORe is comprised of three courses - Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting - which must be taken together. CORe is designed for college undergraduates, recent college graduates, international learners, and graduate students in non-business fields who want to prepare themselves for a business career or for a graduate business school.

How The Program Works

Part 1 | Online HBX CORe Course
The bulk of your time will be spent online in HBX CORe. You will learn Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics for Managers via HBX's innovative online platform. Course content is developed by Harvard Business School Faculty and leverages the school's renowned case-method of study. You will interact with a global community of motivated learners through HBX CORe's peer-to-peer learning model. The online platform fosters your engagements with course content and the larger global learning community.

Part 2 | Weekly In-Person Classes
Weekly class meetings will supplement the online experience through individualized coaching and supplemental discussions and interaction with best-in-class industry professionals and NJCU faculty, building your professional network within the Jersey City and greater Metropolitan community.

Part 3 | Final Exam
In order to earn The Credential of Readiness from HBX and Harvard Business School, you must pass a final exam during the two-week examination period. The test can be completed at a registered Pearson VUE testing facility in or near NJCU or one of their other global locations.

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Isabel Casais, M.B.A
Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Enrollment

Wanda Rutledge, MBA, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Business Programs and Associate Professor, Management Department

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