College of Education Writing Assessment

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College of Education Writing Assessment

Important Announcement Regarding the Writing Assessment

Beginning with Spring 2017 placements, only those candidates who are otherwise exempt from the Praxis CORE (based on SAT scores or satisfactory completion of Phase 1 coursework before September 2015) will be required to pass the Writing Assessment. All candidates who are required to take and pass the Praxis CORE are exempt.

Beginning with Fall 2017 placements, no candidates will be required to take or pass the Writing Assessment.

The Writing Assessment and the support course LTED 305 will continue to be offered in Fall 2016. In addition, the College of Education has and will continue to develop resources to support student success on the Praxis CORE. These include LTED 160: Languages of Power and Social Justice (GE Tier 1: Language, Literary, and Cultural Studies) and MATH 140 Statistics (GE Tier 1) and MATH 215 (GE Tier 2: Scientific and Quantitative Inquiries).

The College of Education continues to offer Praxis CORE preparation workshops. Interested students should contact the Office of Continuing Education at 201-200-3089 or