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Opportunity at Resolution Counseling Center of Jersey City

Want to join a collaborative team and work with clients you'll love? Resolution Counseling Center of Jersey City is a growing private practice that is launching a dedicated team to provide support to couples, families, and individuals struggling with or impacted by addiction. We believe that addiction is a family disease and are excited to create one of the first centers in NJ to provide recovery services to the family system.

You don't have to have experience working with this population as long as you care about their presenting concerns.If this sounds interesting to you, please find out more on the company website:

Integrity House is Now Hiring!

Since 1968, Integrity House has provided comprehensive and successful rehabilitation services for individuals with a substance use and mental health disorders. In addition to our CARF accreditation, we are recognized statewide as a leader in addiction services. Integrity House offers a full continuum of care for substance use treatment (per the ASAM criteria), as well as mental health services, housing, and community support services.

We have several openings in our residential substance use programs, as noted below. We provide onsite clinical supervision for all clinicians who require supervision and offer competitive pay and benefits. Integrity House covers all CEUs for clinicians as well licensing fees. Many clinical staff join the organization in a support staff position and develop into other roles.


  • Counselors (residential substance use co-occurring programs) – Full Time
    • Location: Newark, NJ or Secaucus, NJ
    • Credentials Required: LSW, LAC, LCSW, LPC, CADC, LCADC
      • Counselor Interns may also apply: must obtain credential within 3 years of hire; excellent for graduate students; paid position (not internship)
    • Schedule includes a mixture of 7am-3pm and 3pm-11pm shifts, 5 days per week, including 1 weekend shift (i.e. Saturday, Tuesday 7am-3pm; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3pm-11pm)
  • Counselors (correction based substance use co-occurring programs) – Full Time
    • Location: Kearny, NJ
    • Credentials Required: LSW, LAC, LCSW, LPC, CADC, LCADC
      • Counselor Interns may also apply: must obtain credential within 3 years of hire; excellent for graduate students; paid position (not internship)
  • Clinical Supervisors – Part Time
    • Location: remote
    • Credentials Required: LCSW +3 years, supervision certificate
  • Residential Aides: Full Time & Part Time
    • Location: Newark, NJ or Secaucus, NJ
    • Highest Level of Education: HS Diploma or GED

All candidates must hold a valid DNJ driver’s license, HS Diploma/GED (and other credential if noted), and be vaccinated for COVID-19. Onboarding requirements include: background check, drug test, proof of physical exam within last year, proof of MMR, 2-step PPD (on site), and COVID-19 test (on site).

Interested candidates may send resume & cover letter to Eman Gibson at


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Tameka Bordeaux's statement on being a recipient of EWNJ Scholarship:

Being a recipient of the EWNJ Scholarship is a dream! The fact that this honor is not only extremely competitive but that it also is only bestowed upon 6-8 dynamic female residences of New Jersey, makes this experience that much more of an honor and privilege. I am not only blessed beyond measure but I am also confirmed and re-affirmed that I am capable of great things and that the only thing that can ever stand in my way is my own self doubt. Being awarded this scholarship has granted me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and shoot for those big, almost unfathomably dreams because chances are a surprise will occur! Thank you to all who are responsible for the scholarships existence and for those who thought of me when sending gout this great opportunity! You are also a blessing. 

Thank you again,

T, Bordeaux

Noelia Vasquez's Statement on being a recipient of EWNJ Scholarship

I am a Spanish woman native from South America who immigrated to the United States in 1998 with the dream to grow as a person and as professional. New Jersey City University opened its doors to me not only in the undergrad level but also in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program. Being part of the Department of Counselor Education has been a great experience. The high professionalism and knowledge of all professors has increased my knowledge and skills as a person and as a future professional counselor. The Department of Counselor Education presented me with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship with the wonderful organization Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ). As a result of all my hard work and support from my professors, I was selected as a recipient of this award from EWNJ, which has brought honor to my family, myself, and members of my community. EWNJ has showed me that they are committed to their mission which is to ensure that women have equal opportunities on many levels, which increases their presence. Being a recipient of this scholarship from EWNJ will also give me the opportunity to enhance my professional social network with women who are highly representing other women and serving on corporate boards.

A special thanks to Dr. Yumiko Ogawa, Dr. Jean Georgiou, Dean Deborah Gee Woo, Dr. Lourdes Sutton, EWNJ president Michellene Davis, and Ms. Colleen Skinner.

2017 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to this year's Counselor Education scholarship winners:

carolina espin
Carolina Espin, Virginia Axline Schoarship
tameka bordeux
Tameka Bordeaux, Hart and Sherry Webber Memorial
tanya tripi-weiss
Tanya Tripi-Weiss, Hart and Sherry Webber Memorial

13 Reasons Why: Strengths, Challenges and Recommendations

shannonhouse lin
Laura Shannonhouse, Yung-Wei Dennis Lin

Yung-Wei Dennis Lin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Counselor Education, recently collaborated on an article about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why which concerns the subject of teen suicide. The article is published in Counseling Today.

This show has elicited some strong reactions among parents and school personnel. In their article, Dr. Lin and his colleagues note the strengths and challenges of the series and share their recommendations based on their professional perspective as counselors.

Dr. Lin's areas of expertise include play therapy, child/adolescent counseling and assessment, suicide prevention/intervention, quantitative research and meta-analysis. He is also a certified master trainer of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Hudson County Youth Needs Assessment 2017

Haven Adolescent Community Respite Center and New Jersey City University's Department of Counselor Education received funding from Hudson County's Department of Health and Human Services to conduct Hudson County's Youth Needs Assessment. Vaibhavee Agaskar, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at NJCU, and Amy Albert, founding Director of Haven, served co-investigators for this project. This grant-funded project was conceived and designed by Hudson County Department of Health and Human Services, Haven Adolescent Community Respite Center and New Jersey City University to effectively determine the needs of Hudson County's juvenile justice involved youth, those at-risk of juvenile justice involvement, and their families.

Counselor Education Department Receives HRSA Grant

hrsa group
hrsa3 conference

NJCU's Counselor Education Department has earned a $171,677 grant from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training program. Led by Project Director Dr. Vaibhavee R. Agaskar, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Coordinator of NJCU's Clinical Mental Health Program, this grant will help NJCU students meet the increasing demand for behavioral health care services, especially for at-risk children, adolescents, and transitional-age youth in local underserved communities. Congratulations to our 2017-2018 HRSA grant student recipients: Rasha Abdeldaym, Anish Adorno, Farooq Alihassan, Rukiya Bluford, Ashley Boan, Angela Campbell, Kamenie Dookwah, Nor Theresa Galang, Jade Orlik, Khalimah Poole, Paola Velez, and Selma Wankhade.

As part of the grant, students received special training during the summer in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), trauma-informed care, and integrated health care. HRSA students will receive a $10,000 scholarship during their final fieldwork experience.

Michael Brown Awarded $11,000 Counseling Fellowship from NBCC and Affiliates

Michael Brown

The NBCC Foundation, an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), recently selected Michael Brown, of Jersey City, New Jersey, for the NBCC Minority Fellowship Program-Addictions Counselors (MFP-AC). As an NBCC MFP-AC fellow, Brown will receive funding and training to support his education and facilitate his addictions counseling service to underserved minority transition-age youth (ages 16–25).

Brown is a graduate of Saint Peter's University, in Jersey City, New Jersey, and is currently a master's student in the clinical mental health counseling program at New Jersey City University. Upon graduation, Brown intends to work with underserved transition-age youth, particularly those who struggle with mental health and addiction issues. He would like to assist those for whom mental health services are lacking and who feel marginalized. This fellowship will allow Brown to attend counseling conferences to learn more about the profession and scope of counseling, establish relationships with other students and practitioners, and learn practices and skills to better serve his target populations.

Abdelaziz Elmadani
Abdelaziz Elmadani

Congratulations to Abdelaziz Elmadani (M.A. Counselor Education, 2015) who was accepted into the Ph.D in Counselor Education program at the University of North Carolina Charlotte for September 2017.

Prior to immigrating to the United States, Elmadani studied in Morocco, his country of birth, where he received his first bachelor's degree in psychology. Currently, he works as a college advisor and adjunct professor at Hudson County Community College. He also works part-time at mental health agency providing direct psychotherapy to clients with mental health disorders.

Elmadani said, "My experience within my master's program at NJCU and the supportive faculty have enhanced my skills, techniques and knowledge in the field of counseling. This program has made me feel that I am stepping more toward a positive path to become an effective psychotherapist. I believe that the NJCU enhanced my growth and helped me to reach my goals to become a successful counselor. The NJCU counseling faculty inspired me to look into a doctoral level training to advance my clinical and research experience."

2017 American Counseling Association Conference

Geraldine Lopez and Jessica Herrera
Geraldine Lopez, Jessica Herrera

Counseling students Geraldine Lopez and Jessica Herrera gave a poster presentation, "Counseling Approaches and Interventions with LGBT Youth," at the 2017 ACA Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Faculty in the Department of Counselor Education gave the following presentations at the 2017 ACA Conference:

  • Empirical Outcome Findings on Responding to K-12 Students at Risk of Suicide
    Laura Shannonhouse (Georgia State University), Yung-Wei Dennis Lin (NJCU), Amanda Dreisbach Rumsey (Georgia State University), Mary Chase Mize (Georgia State University), Robert E. Rice (Georgia State University)
  • Yumiko Ogawa, Angela Sheely Moore, Yung-Wei Dennis Lin
    Yumiko Ogawa, Angela Sheely Moore, Yung-Wei Dennis Lin
    Filial Therapy: Counseling Implications for Ethnically Diverse Families
    Angela Sheely-Moore (Montclair State University), Yung-Wei Dennis Lin (NJCU), Yumiko Ogawa (NJCU)
  • How Do Professional School Counselors Learn the Practice of Supervision?
    Grace W. Wambu (NJCU), Teresa A. Fisher (Northern Illinois University)
  • Jean Georgiou, Grace Wambu, Yumiko Ogawa
    Jean Georgiou, Grace Wambu, Yumiko Ogawa
    International Immersion Experience to Increase Multiculturalism in Students
    Yumiko Ogawa (NJCU), Jean Georgiou (NJCU)
  • Laws and Ethics: What Discrimination of Services Means for the Counseling Profession
    Julia Allison Hennig (Central Michigan University), Zachary Pietrantoni (NJCU)