We know that the Ed.D. in Community College Leadership is an amazing program that will advance your career. But don't take our word for it. See what some of our students have to say!


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Student Testimonials: Cohort 1

Kathleen Carr

Director, Testing and Learning Resources
Sussex County Community College, New Jersey

Kathleen Carr Headshot

“The CCL program has allowed me to work toward the doctorate while managing life's other responsibilities. The three-year framework is especially attractive for those who have limited free time to pursue a doctoral program.”


Chris Genthe

Adjunct Instructor
Hinds Community College, MS

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“Coming from the K-12 sector, I thought I would feel like an outsider in the Community College Leadership doctoral program. This could not be further from reality. The support I’ve received from the faculty and the other members of my cohort has been astonishing. It is comforting— just like family—and what a great space to be as I transition into higher education!”

Veronica Gerosimo

Assistant Dean, Student Life & Leadership
Hudson County Community College, New Jersey

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“What I appreciate most about the program courses and assignments are how relevant and useful they are to the work that I do and will continue to do in my career. Every assignment is of value, making the best use of our time as students. One of the greatest decisions I ever made was to take a chance on myself and this program. As a full-time employee who has never taken online courses, I was very worried and unsure I would succeed in the program. The engaging coursework and understanding professors have eased this concern of mine, and the accelerated aspect of the program will help me complete my degree quickly and seamlessly as I continue to build my career."

Veronica's Video Testimonial

Amy Hankins

Instructor of Communications
Gateway Technical College, Wisconsin

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“Things that come to mind when I think of my experience in the CCL program are diversity, justice, community, expansion of my mind. I have experienced an increase in my self-confidence as both a faculty member and a college leader. I feel like within my cohort I have found my family—people who are as driven and passionate about learning, social justice, and student success as I am. I already have two publications—before even completing the degree program—and have found myself in exciting, very impactful leadership positions within my college. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their career and worldview.”

Amy's Video Testimonial

Shadiquah Hordge

Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer
Essex County College, New Jersey

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"The first step is the hardest, so I say, trust yourself, and make the first step! You will not regret making the first step. You have a lot to gain! Stellar faculty and peers will support and guide you. I gained knowledge through this process, I learned leadership skills, I learned about social advocacy, and I discovered that one person can truly make a difference in the world. The most central thing is that I found my voice—and I employ it." 


Martine Howard

Chairperson, Languages & Communications
Faculty, Language & Culture
Camden County College, New Jersey

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"The program allows for a deeper dive in community college policies and practices which allows for better input on campus as a practitioner. Plus, we receive encouragement to do public scholarship. As a result, many of us are being published even before completing our doctoral degrees!"


Nancy Nemorin

Instructor, Health Education & Community Health
Kingsborough Community College, New York

Nancy Nemorin

"The Community College Leadership program has been a challenging experience which has pushed me outside my comfort zone. I've been motivated to push myself in ways I never thought would be possible."


Fathia Richardson

Director of Nursing Programs
Camden County College, New Jersey

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"The CCL program has given me a greater understanding of the workings of the community college community as a whole. I have been able to move outside of my comfort zone in this program and appreciate the opportunity to learn from the various experts at NJCU."

Fathia's Video Testimonial

Lynn Tobin

Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
Middlesex County College, New Jersey

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"I have taken many online courses, and no other experience provided me with the quality faculty I've interacted with at NJCU's Ed.D. in Community College Leadership program. They are exceptional teachers, provide great guidance, are responsive to emails, give relevant assignments with great feedback, and are super supportive!"


Derek Ware

Adjunct Faculty, Economics
Essex County College, New Jersey

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“The experiences through the doctorate program has equipped me with better tools to potentially improve outcomes of underrepresented students in the field of computer science.”

Student Testimonials: Cohort 2

Leyna Beard

First-Year Experience Administrator
Northampton Community College, Pennsylvania

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“Being a busy mom and working full-time, I knew I needed an online program with supportive and understanding faculty. The Community College Leadership faculty at NJCU understand that life happens, and I know they will help me work through any issues that come up in my classes.” 

Kim Chapman

Interim Vice President for Instruction 
Edmonds Community College, Washington State

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“What makes this program different? It's the faculty! I cannot express how wonderful they are. This is a fully online program, but the faculty are there for you more so than any in-person program I've ever had. They care about each and every student and provide an amazing level of individualized support.”

Kim's Video Testimonial

Kimberlee Hooper

Director of K-12 Partnerships
Middlesex County College, New Jersey

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“The cohort model is like a built-in support system.We are all going through the program together and we can learn from each other along the way. It feels comforting to know my cohort members are there for me when I need support or to share ideas.”

“It’s a lot of work being a full-time parent, employee, and doctoral student. I didn’t think I could fit one more task on my to-do list, but sometimes I’m amazed by how much it helps to be able to pursue this degree online. Every job I do is important to me, and when I can combine spending time with the kiddos with finishing up a synthesis matrix, I remember why I chose to do this and I think about how proud I am of myself and how proud my kids are that I’m pursuing this goal.”




AnnMarie Hughes

Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Fashion & Marketing
Brookdale Community College, New Jersey

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“NJCU is flexible enough to provide working moms access without compromising on a first-class education”

Sandra Jones Legay

Principal, Pre-K thru Grade 8 Elementary School
Jersey City Public Schools, New Jersey

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"I am a K-12 administrator who returned to NJCU after 30 years to pursue a doctorate in educational leadership. You could not select a better doctoral program. Dr. John Melendez and Dr. Christine Harrington are every doctorate candidate's dream! They have designed and implemented a program that includes a formula for success with a logical, practical, and thought provoking program created for 21st Century educational leaders.

Join the Community College Leadership family and you will learn to create a culture of equity and diversity in community college."


Christopher Marx

Associate Vice President for Workforce, Economic Development & Community Partnerships
Ulster County Community College, New York

christopher marx

"As a senior administrator at a community college, I planned to pursue an educational doctorate in higher education for a number of years, but personal and professional responsibilities made it challenging to commit to a doctoral program of study. The NJCU Ed.D. in Community College Leadership is a perfect fit for me. The online structure allows me to effectively balance my family, work, and academic studies. I can apply my coursework and research directly to my job, and being part of cohort means I have access to a community of higher education experts from a wide range of specialties in the field. The classes bring guest lecturers who are leaders in the field providing the most current research and expanding my professional network. I am already benefitting from the NJCU Ed. D. program and I am motivated by the professional opportunities that are opening up to me." 


Mirian Ochoa

Student Services Representative/Transcript Evaluator
Essex County College, New Jersey

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 "Entering the Community College Leadership program at NJCU was the right decision for me because the professors are wonderful and very supportive. The students are amazing, too! I am so glad to say I am motivated and happy with NJCU. I highly recommended the program."

Yeurys Pujols

Executive Director
Hudson County Community College, New Jersey

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"I was looking for a doctoral program, but the demands and responsibilities of my job did not allow me to commit, that was until I came across the NJCU Community College Leadership program that is specifically designed for community college professionals just like me.  

After 15 years of not being a student, you often second guess yourself about going back, but this program allows you to jump right in." 


Carey Schroyer

Dean of STEM
Edmonds College, Washington State

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"The Community College Leadership program at NJCU is relevant, interesting, and doable for busy professionals who want to be educational leaders. It emphasizes the critical role of community colleges in higher education and public scholarship and provides the practical skills and knowledge I need to achieve my personal and professional goals."


Aqsa Sheikh 

Adjunct Instructor
Raritan Valley Community College, Kean University, & Ramapo College, all in New Jersey

Lead Microbiology Visiting Professor
Chamberlain University, New Jersey

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"The CCL program allows you to appreciate and value your role in community colleges, whether at the level of being an instructor or an administrator. You learn to value your students more and the empathy our faculty shows us as leaders is the best example of being an authentic community college leader.

As an adjunct instructor, I wanted a program that would help me earn the credentials to earn a full-time position in a community college. I wanted the option to continue my education without having to cut my work schedule or adjunct classes. NJCU provided me with many more opportunities to build more connections for future opportunities." 



Faraz Siddique

Senior Development Chemist
Scientific Design Co., Inc, New Jersey

Adjunct Professor
New Jersey City University and Essex County College, both in New Jersey

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“The Ed.D. in Community College Leadership has been a great program so far. This program is not limited to education majors only. People from any professional background are welcome equally and they can all contribute greatly towards their educational milestones.”


Elaine Thompson

Faculty in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts
Queensborough Community College, New York

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"At this critical time in higher education, NJCU’s doctoral program in Community College Leadership is extremely relevant. It has equipped me with tools that are immediately applicable in my career. Beginning with the first semester, I studied strategies that will help my institution prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead for community colleges. 

Apprehension when applying to a doctoral program is not uncommon. Those uncertainties will be dispelled upon meeting NJCU CCL’s faculty.  They also serve as mentors, sharing priceless knowledge and experience with students from Day One. Your faculty advisor remains with your cohort as you advance through the program. There’s no place other than NJCU where I’d consider taking this journey."



Ellen Wasserman

Adjunct Professor of English and Co-Chair of the Faculty
Development Advisory Board Member for the Center for Teaching and Learning
Westchester Community College, New York

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"I looked at several doctoral programs and when I found the NJCU program, I knew it was the right fit. As a professional in mid-career, I want to be able to apply my knowledge to real-world situations, and the scholarly-practitioner model emphasizes this approach.  

Unlike other online programs, the Community College Leadership Ed.D. is an active learning experience with faculty who support students every step of the way. From weekly office hours, frequent guest speakers, cohort chat sessions, mentoring, collaborative assignments, and professors who welcome and encourage me to connect with them, the program fosters personal and professional growth.  

In the first semester alone, I have had opportunities to network with a wide range of experts through the program advisory board, mentors, and other collaborators. The program’s focus on equity and social justice bring our cohort together with a common mission."

Ellen's Video Testimonial