Ed.D. in Community College Leadership

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Ed.D. in Community College Leadership

Doctorate in Community College Leadership

Developing Leaders at All Levels

Unique Features

Flexible and online. But feels like it's in person.

As a fully online program, you can complete learning tasks when it is convenient for you to do so.  Live sessions, held on various days and times, are recorded for those unable to attend. Most of our students are surprised by how personally connected they feel to faculty and fellow students during this program. Our unique online environment and structure mean students feel supported and can relate to other people in the program. 

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"I have taken many online courses, and no other experience provided me with the quality faculty I've interacted with at NJCU's Ed.D. in Community College Leadership program. They are exceptional teachers, provide great guidance, are responsive to emails, give relevant assignments with great feedback, and are super supportive!"

Leyna Beard, First-Year Experience Administrator, Northampton Community College, Pennsylvania

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Accelerated with options.  

With the dissertation infused into the curriculum, the program is designed to be completed in 3 years, but there are also 4-year pathways to completion. 

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“As a full-time employee who has never taken online courses, I was very worried and unsure I would succeed in the program. The engaging coursework and understanding professors have eased this concern of mine, and the accelerated aspect of the program will help me complete my degree quickly and seamlessly as I continue to build my career."

Veronica Gerosimo, Assistant Dean, Student Life & Leadership, Hudson County Community College, New Jersey

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Strong sense of community. 

Students travel through the program together as a cohort and develop strong bonds and connections with one another.  Intentionally designed learning experiences that include a week-long virtual summer institute, numerous optional live online class meetings, professional development opportunities, and partner and small group activities will help you develop connections to others and make you forget you are even in an online program.

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“The cohort model is like a built-in support system. We are all going through the program together and we can learn from each other along the way. It feels comforting to know my cohort members are there for me when I need support or to share ideas.”

Kimberlee Hooper, Director of K-12 Partnerships, Middlesex County College, New Jersey

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Practice and equity focus. 

Coursework and dissertation are based on the scholarly-practitioner model, meaning the application of theory and research is emphasized. Social justice and equity are our priorities and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in all aspects of the program.  

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“Things that come to mind when I think of my experience in the CCL program are diversity, justice, community, expansion of my mind. I have experienced an increase in my self-confidence as both a faculty member and a college leader. I feel like within my cohort I have found my family—people who are as driven and passionate about learning, social justice, and student success as I am. I already have two publications—before even completing the degree program—and have found myself in exciting, very impactful leadership positions within my college. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their career and worldview.”

Amy Hankins, Instructor of Communications, Gateway Technical College, Wisconsin

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Mentoring and experiential learning. 

As a signature feature of our program, students will work with a partner or two on a virtual project for a community college partner and will be assigned a mentor to support this work as well as their overall professional growth. This hands-on experience is an excellent way for our students to develop their leadership skills and expand their network.  

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"Beginning with the first semester, I studied strategies that will help my institution prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead for community colleges. 

Apprehension when applying to a doctoral program is not uncommon. Those uncertainties will be dispelled upon meeting NJCU CCL’s faculty.  They also serve as mentors, sharing priceless knowledge and experience with students from Day One. Your faculty advisor remains with your cohort as you advance through the program. There’s no place other than NJCU where I’d consider taking this journey."

Elaine Thompson, Faculty in Speech Communications and Theatre Arts, Queensborough Community College, New York

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High-levels of faculty support with a program evaluation dissertation. 

Faculty meet regularly with students, often even weekly, and also facilitate small group meetings to provide guidance and support to students as they identify a problem of practice and engage in an evaluation of a program, practice, or policy aimed at addressing the identified problem.

Ellen Wasserman

"Unlike other online programs, the Community College Leadership Ed.D. is an active learning experience with faculty who support students every step of the way. From weekly office hours, frequent guest speakers, cohort chat sessions, mentoring, collaborative assignments, and professors who welcome and encourage me to connect with them, the program fosters personal and professional growth."

Ellen Wasserman, Adjunct Professor of English and Co-Chair of the Faculty Development Advisory Board Member for the Center for Teaching and Learning, Westchester Community College, New York

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Networking and professional development events.

Our students regularly have live sessions with national experts. We also host 2 Community College Virtual Forums and a Community College Showcase each year and this too provides students with valuable professional development and networking opportunities. As a student in our program, you gain access to our network- we are happy to connect you to experts in the field.

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christopher marx

"I can apply my coursework and research directly to my job, and being part of cohort means I have access to a community of higher education experts from a wide range of specialties in the field. The classes bring guest lecturers who are leaders in the field providing the most current research and expanding my professional network. I am already benefitting from the NJCU Ed. D. program and I am motivated by the professional opportunities that are opening up to me." 

Christopher Marx, Associate Vice President for Workforce, Economic Development & Community Partnerships, Ulster County Community College, New York

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Program Goals

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The goals of the Ed.D. in Community College Leadership program are to develop community college leaders who: 

  • Use an evidence-based approach to decision making and leadership, with a focus on the goal of increased rates of student completion and success  
  • Promote culturally responsive pedagogical and supportive practices that are grounded in theory and research.
  • Engage in partnerships to champion the mission of the community college and lead various reform efforts aimed at reducing equity gaps.
  • Effectively engage in strategic planning and assessment and clearly communicate vision and data to various stakeholders.

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