Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education Summit

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Overview of TEES

The Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education Summit is an initiative of the Educational Technology Doctoral Program at New Jersey City University. The conference is designed to bring together innovative educational leaders with entrepreneurs in educational-related ventures. The purpose is to create a sustainable network of educational innovators to improve their own professional practice, career goals, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Keynote Speech

How do we share our ideas for new digital ideas? In this presentation Francesco Bertocci introduced participants to the concepts and tools for prototyping. He described common digital tools and workflow processes involved in creating a low-fidelity web/mobile prototype. Participants learned why, when, and what to prototype and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of prototypes.

Panel Discussion

We were honored to have a panel discussion that explored the landscape of entrepreneurship and educational technology.

Akisia Grigsby is Open JC's Founding Partner and Co-Executive Director, leading its marcom, design, and community engagement efforts.

Azadeh (Azi) Jamalian, PhD, is a co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Tiggly, a leading learning company in designing connected manipulatives that interact with learning apps for children 2-8yr old.

Tammy Palazzo is COO and Co-Founder of t3Interactive, a software company that uses technology to help individuals develop their communications skills. .

Aïko Thurlow is the founder of ToolMuse, a site that helps entrepreneurs discover top business tools.