Reading Specialist and Reading Specialist Certification, M.A.

Master of Arts
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About This Degree

The Master of Arts / Reading Specialist Program is a degree leading to New Jersey reading specialist certification.  Reading specialists work in early childhood, elementary, secondary and adult learning environments.  Reading specialists work with struggling readers/writers and provide professional development for teachers.


Masters in Reading/Reading Specialist Certification is now 100% Online

Masters in Reading/Reading Specialist Certificate

The Department of Literacy Education prepares literacy specialists for careers in teaching, coaching, training, coordinating instructional programs, diagnosing and treating literacy problems, and developing curriculum. Literacy specialists may work one-on-one, in small groups, or with whole classes. They also focus on all aspects of literacy: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. For more information please contact Dr. Michelle Rosen, Chair and Associate Professor, NJCU College of Education.

Candidates preparing to become literacy specialists study the components of the reading and writing processes and how children and adults develop literacy. Candidates learn diagnostic techniques and strategies that address the many different types of literacy problems struggling readers and writers may have. They learn strategies for working with all students, including special needs students and English language learners.

Pursuant to the NJDOE code, a supervised Practicum in Reading is required for this certification. Candidates in the NJCU online program will work in their own classrooms while being monitored through their online graduate course, LTED 643.

The Department of Literacy Education offers a reading specialist graduate program. The Master of Arts / Reading Specialist Program is a degree leading to New Jersey reading specialist certification. Reading specialists work in early childhood, elementary, secondary and adult learning environments. Reading specialists work with struggling readers/writers and provide professional development for teachers.


"As a recent graduate of NJCU and a recipient of a Master's degree in the fields of Literacy Education and Reading Specialization, I can tell you that the faculty at New Jersey City University is second to none.  My professors were totally invested in my success and did whatever they could do in order to ensure that I met my educational goals.  My journey towards my Master's degree took longer than expected, but the staff hung in there with me, through thick and thin, patiently tailoring my education to fit my needs.  They became more than just professors, they became my mentors, my role models and my friends.  I can honestly say that I never would have finished my degree had it not been for the professors at NJCU, and I'll never forget my time there."

-Chris Campbell, Teacher, Union City Public Schools

“I am so happy that I decided to peruse a Masters in Reading at NJCU. While I took my courses, I was a Kindergarten teacher and I was able to apply all my studies in my classroom. The program was so applicable to my daily practice. After I graduated with my Masters in Reading I was offered a Literacy Coach position in my school. I am now able to work with students and teachers, Kindergarten- 8th grade, and support best practices in literacy. Earning my Masters in Reading was one of the best decisions of my professional life.”

-Maria Ameruoso, Literacy Coach, Jersey City Public Schools

“Beyond grateful! The LTED Masters Program in Reading and Professors at NJCU made this the best experience in my educational career!  My area of study was Masters in Reading with a Certification in Reading Specialist and a journey that was well worth taking especially with the detail to attention and the care that was given to each student through this process. The workload was expected but it was the personable way with which each professor took the time to instruct us in real-life scenarios, techniques & strategies, assignments that opened our eyes to different proven research and implementing the seed that we can change the world one class at a time.  Taking what I had learned in the workforce and making it better, so that all of my students, regardless of learning capabilities, were actively engaged in my classroom.  Thank you for inspiring me to become the best teacher my students deserve!”

-Nadia Vazquez, Teacher, Union City Public Schools