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About the Economics Department

If you have ever been told that you are overly inquisitive, the New Jersey City University Economics Department might be the place for you. We welcome the deeply curious and the highly analytical, and we grow those attributes through rigorous intellectual inquiry.

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Economic Department faculty members are committed to the highest level of teaching excellence, which includes a genuine passion for the discipline of economics and an investment in fostering student success.

Through a breadth of coursework that combines a theoretical foundation with real-world application, students learn to understand the economic phenomena that drive our world. From the history of economic policies to the role of technology in economic growth, from the United States’ economy to globalization, we offer a range of topics that prepare students to apply critical thinking to everyday problems and the larger issues facing our society.

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The pursuit of economics is an excellent foundation for graduate work in a variety of disciplines, as well as for many careers. Economics majors go on to work in business, law, public service, finance, the nonprofit sector and much more. The possibilities are as diverse as the strengths and interests of our students.

Contact Us

Dr. Andrew Bossie, Assistant Professor, Chairperson
Office: 205T - School of Business
Phone: 201-200-2234


Dr. Richard Anderson, Assistant Professor
Office: K624
Phone: 201-200-2285

Dr. Pablo Garofalo, Assistant Professor
Office: 205H - School of Business
Phone: 201-200-2163

Dr. Jorge Medina, Assistant Professor
Office: 205H - School of Business
Phone: 201-200-2163

Dr. Ivan Steinberg, Associate Professor
Office: 205Q - School of Business
Phone: 201-200-3462

Dr. Rubina Vohra, Professor
Office: Karnoutsos Hall, Room 626
Phone: 201-200-3074

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