Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR)

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Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR)

Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR)

The New Jersey City University Institute for Dispute Resolution located at the School of Business aims to promote international negotiation and mediation techniques to manage disputes in cross border commercial and general conflict resolution forums. The IDR applies these principles through behavior in the fields of mediation as a discipline and negotiation as a paradigm. The trans-disciplinary approach to curriculum integration resolves the boundaries between conventional disciplines and organizes teaching and learning around the construction and meaning of context to real-world problems or themes.

The Institute's Mission 

The IDR promotes sustained economic and commercial success rooted in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as well as the promotion of collaboration through international mediation and negotiation practices grounded in theories of business, behavioral sciences, mathematics, and art fostering global commerce through entrepreneurship and innovation modalities to all students at New Jersey City University and more.

Key Objectives to Implementing Mediation as a Soft Diplomacy Tool and Supporting the Institute’s Mission:

  • Program initiatives including webinars, virtual experiences and live symposiums as well as certification programs to promote international cross border negotiations and mediation.
  • Cohort Programs with international universities, including business and law schools to promote global trade and commerce by applying negotiations and mediation modalities to manage dispute risks and reduce asymmetric information.
  • Promote legislative based initiatives through empirical based research and publications towards the discipline of mediation.
  • Promote legislative based initiatives to promote New Jersey as a seat for international dispute resolution.
  • Foster relationships with stakeholders in government, NGOs and international organizations.
  • To promote research and proposed standards for international uniformity for the privatization of law fostering improved global connectivity and improve trade functionality.
  • To grow the demand for conflict resolution at the micro level of organizational platforms and at the macro level of society.
  • Publications focused on mediation, global business, global affairs, entrepreneurship, innovation, science, AI, data analytics and human behavior in an effort to improve conflict resolution, reduce asymmetric information, and increase collaboration.

Applied Research in the Field of Mediation, Including:

  • Seminars and Programs geared toward mediation from a trans-disciplinary academic approach
  • Exchange programs with other international universities and academic strategic platforms
  • Cultural exchanges & field work, partnering with NGOs, connecting universities and other strategic stakeholders including visiting scholars
  • The IDR provides scholarly and practitioner publications to meet the mission and the objectives of the institute
  • Legislative Policy and standards originated through the institute or as a co-participant with other stakeholders to promote dispute solution initiatives and foster harmonization toward improved symmetric information

Advisory Board

Chair Appointment Pending

John Laski headshot

John Laski, an Author and a Scholar, is a Tenured Full Professor of International Management and Finance at New Jersey City University, School of Business. Previously, Dr. Laski was an Associate Professor of Finance and International Management and Founding Director of the MBA Program at Nyack College, Nyack, NY and New York City.

Dr. Laski has authored numerous papers and three books entitled Capitalism & Christianity: A Moral and Ethical Struggle; Shantytown; and The Communist Republic of New Jersey.

Dr. Laski has worked in the field of manufacturing systems, robotics and factory automation before working on Wall Street for several major firms. Having run his own firm, Dr. Laski has also been an entrepreneur, and is a veteran of the Viet Nam Era.

"I'm not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you."  - George Bernard Shaw


laszlo molnar headshot

Dr. Laszlo Molnar is an Associate Professor of New Jersey City University at the Department of Professional Security Studies, focusing on international security. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations, studied at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and at the Harvard Kennedy School. He holds a certificate on The International Negotiation Process from the Harvard Negotiation Project and was Resident Fellow of the Institute for East-West Security Studies, NYC. 

Ambassador Molnar served as a career diplomat with the Hungarian foreign service for two decades, with the highest rank of State Secretary at the Ministry (MFA). He was Consul General and then Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations in NYC. His international diplomatic assignments related mainly to international security and nuclear nonproliferation. 

He was Executive Director of Cisco with responsibilities in government affairs, business development and cybersecurity. He is a consultant of the Paris-based Cybersecurity Advisors Network and a board member of the International Mediation Institute. 


Laszlo Molnar's IDR Experience

deborah masucci headshot

Deborah Masucci is a full-time mediator and arbitrator.

She is a global expert in alternative dispute resolution and dispute management with over thirty years’ experience in promoting the effective use of ADR in many capacities.

Most recently she established and led American International Group’s dispute resolution program and rolled out its employment dispute resolution program.

She is a past Chair and current Honorary Board Member of the International Mediation Institute and former Chair of the Dispute Resolution Sections for the NYSBA and the ABA where she was a founding member of Women in Dispute Resolution and co founder of Minorities in Dispute Resolution.  

She is an adjunct at Fordham University’s School of Law.

She is a recipient of the 2020 CPR James Henry Award for Distinguished Contributions in the ADR field, was recognized by International Advisory Group with its 2020 Award, received the ABA Dispute Resolution Section 2020 Chair’s Award, and was selected for Who’s Who Legal Mediation 2020.

Neel Patel idr headshot

Neel Patel is currently an MBA candidate at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. He earned his bachelor's degree in marketing and graduated Summa Cum Laude at New Jersey City University (NJCU). Neel has been a graduate teaching assistant at the Stillman School of Business and is working at The Career Center at Seton Hall University where he is a social media coordinator and an undergraduate student mentor.

Prior to his higher education experience, Neel worked at Macy’s in various departments, including sales, management and human resources. He is skilled in public speaking, team leadership, research, strategic planning, customer service, digital marketing, negotiation and problem solving.

At NJCU IDR, Neel was a project manager for several business conferences/events. He has traveled to Budapest and Paris to manage global conferences and participate in the 14th International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Mediation Competition through Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR). In addition, in 2019, the NJCU faculty chose him to be the keynote speaker at the convocation ceremony. Neel has worked on projects ranging from colloquiums to international chamber of commerce events, domestic economic programs such as Select USA for N.J. as a spin-off state for promoting economic trade and commerce with Prof. David Weiss. Furthermore, he has participated in the logistics of an international trade and academic conference in 2018, and most recent as part of NJCU delegation to attend the Hungarian Central Bank Financial Arbitration Board Conference through NJCU IDR.


Neel Patel's IDR Experience

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IDR Events

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IDR Conference
David Weiss, Esq., director of the NJCU School of Business Institute for Dispute Resolution, standing at a podium in the Skyline Room of the School of Business


Professor David S. Weiss Esq.
Founder and Director, Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR)
Assistant Professor, School of Business, Management Department


The IDR would like to recognize and thank Neel Patel, Digital Marketing Analyst and an alum of NJCU Class of 2019, and Allison Thornton, Assistant Director of Marketing for the web design content at NJCU.

The IDR would like to recognize and thank Michael Arbitblit, Doctoral Fellow and NJCU class of '14, '17, and '21 for being the executive producer of all content creation for the IDR. The IDR would also like to recognize and thank Darby Zelaskowski, Press Release and Marketing Specialist, for her contributions towards content creation.

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