What is the IDR?

The Institute for Dispute Resolution at NJCU is a platform located at the School of Business that seeks to promote international negotiation and mediation techniques to manage disputes in cross border commercial and general conflict resolution forums.

We value innovation and entrepreneurship, and view them as key components in making the world more harmonious by applying a transdisciplinary academic approach. IDR examines methodological models through the prism of mediation to reduce asymmetric information. These models include soft diplomacy, AI and development economics. One practical method utilizing a transdisciplinary academic approach is to foster cross border business programs paving the way for successful global eco-systems. By implementing structures through our mission and objectives enables both students and professionals alike to improve and collaborate in international mediation, business, foreign direct investment (FDI) and soft diplomacy policy. The institute aims to contribute to the overall efficiency and functionality for economic development and trade.

Institute for Dispute Resolution Team

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David S. Weiss, Esq, concentrates the advancement of self-determination values through concepts of mediation theory and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship to advance Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). He was formally a structed finance banker and still holds a license to practice law. David is also an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at New Jersey City University (NJCU) School of Business where he teaches global business and heads the B.S. in Entrepreneurship. He is also the Founder and Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) and the “Connecting Bridges and Borders Program through Business” also located at NJCU. He advises on policy through both the IDR institute and the Connecting Bridges and Borders through Business Program to assist cross border stakeholders improve FDI opportunities. He is also the host of the Connecting Bridges and Borders interview series on YouTube and Spotify. Weiss received his Juris Doctor at New York Law School, and post doctorate work at the Sorbonne University le droit and is an IMI Certified Mediator. He held appointments at The United Nations through UNCITRAL, is chair of the International Committee for a major trade and industry group and lectures internationally throughout Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Caucasus and the Caribbean basin on law and economics through the prism of mediation, business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He was recently appointed as an observer on the Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Data Act drafting committee for the Uniform Law Commission. During the Fall of 2020 David was appointed Of Counsel to Sapronov and Associates. In December 2020, David was appointed on the Board of Directors at the International Mediation Institute (IMI) for his work in global mediation.

Professor Weiss has extensive publications in the field of mediation and policy to address risk and conflict through his theory known as Economic Efficiency Mediation (EEM) which is a linkage for ethical code applied for AI (Artificial Intelligence) using Natural Processing Language (NPL). He was also featured in the New York State Bar Association Lawyer Journal, as well as published in Cardozo’s Singapore Mediation Convention Journal on his research and usage of mediation. He is the author of policies & articles including the recent “New Jersey Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Act.” Currently, he is working on NJ policy for data protection to promote more clarity and confidence within the digital economy, institutional system design for mediation policy within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and value systems for mediation theory and practice within Central Eastern Europe & standards for consideration within the data destruction industry globally. He is currently in the process of launching an additional economic and feasibility study between Hungary and New Jersey relating to improving chain supply logistics utilizing air cargo between Newark and Budapest for furthering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) activity. He is also leading a mediation-centered research study with his team at the IDR called Engaged Puerto Rico: A Case for Sustainable Mediation Culture in collaboration with InterAmerican School of Law. Most recently, David has co-created various digital webinar events discussing and furthering global business through the usage of mediation.

For more information, please contact David Weiss at Dweiss@weisslawfirm.net


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Viktor Madar-Dank is an international undergraduate student who comes from Budapest, Hungary and has recently started at NJCU in 2020. He currently is working as a research assistant alongside the IDR team to bring his unique global perspective on topics of technology and business. He is also one of the co-founders, as well as, the president of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club.

Viktor has a bachelor’s degree from Budapest, Hungary in finance and has several translation certifications. In addition, Viktor has worked with the IDR and attended many conferences in few months using his extraordinary skill of speaking multiple languages.


“The institute’s international academic work focused on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the IDR student experiences, and the institute’s important trans disciplinary scholarly studies is innovation through an academic prism. Professor Weiss has begun a new approach at NJCU to build and foster eco-systems enriching NJCU students’ lives and developing their academic journey as next generation leaders.” - Dr. Sue Henderson, Former President, New Jersey City University

"The IDR under the leadership of Prof David Weiss had formed a strong connection with TiE NJ Chapter. Together we are adding tremendous value to the student community all across NJ as well as to the business and academic community in several European countries." - Suresh Kumar, Professor, NJIT

"The NJCU IDR, initiated by Prof. David Weiss, has been an effective resource for teaching, research, and cooperation between government, business, organizations and universities. The IDR has successfully written and shepherded legislation and international conventions, convened conferences at home and abroad and given students once in a lifetime experiences in Dispute Resolution. Prof. Weiss is a tour de force leading the university to problem solve in the academic and real world as well as teach others how to do it." - Robert E. Margulies, Mediator, Lawyer and Chair, Jersey City Medical Center

"David S. Weiss is among those people who move mountains. His expertise, business, and academic national and international practice, sophisticated business instinct, the exquisite connection among law, business and mediation, enthusiasm, passion, and vision, rule. I am proud to have David in my life, personally and professionally. I admire the way he is doing things and how to connect people. David's unique view on mediation and its implementation in worldwide business is among the keys to efficiency for resolving conflicts and success in any business and society." - Srđan Šimac, Ph.D., Judge of the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia, President of Croatian Mediation Association, mediator and mediation trainer.

“I have had the pleasure of attending and presenting at several of the exciting, informative and cutting-edge programs organized by the innovative platform of IDR. The multi-disciplinary topics are timely, relevant and enlightening and appeal to a broad spectrum of professionals in business, entrepreneurship, academia and law. Kudos to Professor David Weiss for creating and expanding the reaches of IDR at NJCU.” - Jennifer Brandt, J.D., M.A., Brandt Law & Mediation, LLC

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