Founder and Director

David Weiss, Esq., director of the NJCU School of Business Institute for Dispute Resolution, standing at a podium in the Skyline Room of the School of Business

Dr. David Weiss was a structured finance banker and still holds a license to practice law. Professor David Weiss, Esq., Assistant Professor in the Management Department at New Jersey City University School of Business where he teaches global business and heads the B.S. in Entrepreneurship. He is also Founder& Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) and the "Connecting Bridges and Borders Program through Business” also located at New Jersey City University. Dr. Weiss advances self-determination values through concepts of mediation theory and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship to advance Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). He advises on policy through both the IDR institute and the Connecting Bridges and Borders through Business Program to assist cross border stakeholders improve FDI opportunities. Professor Weiss received his Juris Doctorat from New York Law School, and post doctorate work at the Sorbonne University le droit and is an IMI Certified Mediator. He held appointments at The United Nations through UNCITRAL, is chair of the International Committee for a major trade and industry group and lectures internationally throughout Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Caucasus and the Caribbean basin on law and economics; through the prism of mediation, business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Professor Weiss has extensive publications in the field of mediation and policy to address risk and conflict through his theory known as Economic Efficiency Mediation (EEM) which is a linkage for ethical code applied for AI (Artificial Intelligence) using Natural Processing Language (NPL).He is the author of several policies & articles including the recent "New Jersey Arbitration Conciliation and Mediation Act."

Currently, he is working on New Jersey policy for data protection to promote more clarity and confidence within the digital economy, institutional system design for mediation policy within the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico, and value systems for mediation theory and practice within Central Eastern Europe from a thought leadership perspective and standards for consideration within the data destruction industry globally. He is currently in the process of launching an additional economic and feasibility study between Hungary and New Jersey relating to improving chain supply logistics utilizing air cargo between Newark and Budapest for furthering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) activity.

Phone: 201-200-2556

Mentoring Preferences:

  • Research Project
  • Career in entrepreneurship; business creation; mediation; international business start-up, policy base research focused on international trade, cross border commerce and mediation; mediation theory, practice, negotiation and application to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Applying to graduate programs