Employers & Professionals

Are you interested in recruiting from the NJCU School of Business undergraduate, graduate, and alumni network? GradLeaders is our Career Services Management database where you can post internship/job opportunities and recruit from our pool of qualified undergraduate, graduate, and alumni network.

To create a profile and post opportunities, please visit: www.njcu.edu/gradleaders

Other ways EMPLOYERS can get involved:

We invite local professionals/employers to lead discussions/workshops on a variety of different topics through virtual information sessions for our students & recent alumni. These sessions typically fall under at least one of the following four categories: employer information/recruitment (specific to your organization); industry information; general professional development topics; and soft skills training. If you are interested in delivering an information session to NJCU students/alumni and/or want to learn more, please complete the form on this link.

Now more than ever, students can benefit from connecting with a mentor in their field of study. The guidance of a professional mentor can help to provide students with an objective/real-world perspective. This relationship can also help to introduce professionals to mentees as potential future interns/employees, simplifying an organization’s onboarding process. If you have interest in becoming a mentor or would like to learn more, please click on this hyperlink.

Whether your organization would like to work with one student or a group, there are a number of ways that you can partner with our University to provide students with an experiential education. Please click here if you would like to propose an opportunity and a Career Services representative will follow up with you.