Percussion Audition Requirements

Remember to play challenging music but, most importantly, music you play well.  Play music you know and play confidently; music which will best demonstrate your abilities.  You must present all three of the areas listed below (keyboard, timpani and snare drum).


  • major scales and arpeggios - 2 octaves
  • one solo of your choice
  • sight reading


  • tuning, singing and recognizing intervals
  • one solo of your choice
  • sight reading

Snare Drum:

  • demonstration of the following rudiments - long roll, flam, flam tap, paradiddle and ratamacue
  • solo of your choice
  • sight reading

A good idea, for possible solo repertoire selection, is to look at the NJMEA All-state audition repertoire list.

Below are some of the works on that list and other suggestions (but you may choose something else).

Audition Repertoire Suggestions

Keyboard (marimba, vibes or xylophone):

  • Yellow After the Rain - M. Peters
  • Rain Dance - A. Gomez
  • Tambourin Chinois - F. Kreisler (arranged by G.H. Green)
  • One of the 39 Etudes from Modern School - M. Goldenberg

Snare Drum:

  • Solo from Portraits in Rhythm - A. Cirone
  • Solo from Standard Snare Method - B. Podemski
  • Solo from Intermediate Musical Studies - G. Whaley


  • Solo from Modern Method for Timpani - S. Goodman
  • Any solo (Sonata, Modulations, Alpine Slide, etc.) - J. Beck 
  • Bushido Warrior - J. Wilmarth

Multi movement pieces do not have to be performed in full. Choose one or two movements which best show your skills.

Contact Information

To set up an audition or ask any questions about your audition contact Dr. Greg Giannascoli at