Philosophy & Religion

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About the Philosophy and Religion Department

The Philosophy and Religion Department at NJCU shapes students into reflective thinkers, creative problem-solvers and strong communicators. We offer a bachelor of arts and a minor program to prepare students for a variety of careers or graduate study.

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The department is an inclusive community that encourages students to ask fundamental questions about their world, including the nature of reality, the possibility of knowledge, personal identity, the nature of religious faith, moral values, and social and political justice. Through this process, students become informed citizens who add significant value to their workplaces and communities.

Philosophy is an excellent foundation for work in law, business, teaching, communications, religious studies, public affairs and more. In fact, philosophy majors have been shown to excel at standardized testing and thrive in the workplace. Hedge fund managers, CEOs and tech start-up founders are among an impressive list of highly successful philosophy majors.

Why is this?

  • Philosophy study is intellectually rigorous, which sharpens students’ minds and teaches them to engage systematically with problems large and small.
  • Philosophy students learn the art of constructive debate, discussion and persuasion, both written and verbal. These skills serve them well in job interviews and competitive work environments.
  • A solid foundation in ethics produces philosophy graduates who make careful decisions with concern for others.

Our full-time and adjunct faculty members create a welcoming environment conducive to deep reflection and vibrant discussion. They are truly passionate about the discipline and are committed to helping students succeed. Philosophy and Religion Department students are also encouraged to connect with one another through the Philosophy Club.


Sabine Roehr, Chair
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Tel: 201-200-3495/3020

Annamarie Scrazati, Secretary
Karnoutsos Hall, Room 606
Tel: 201-200-3204