3+2 Degree Programs

Photo of Group of scientist working on engineering project in a laboratory

These alternatives have been designed for students interested in pursuing studies in both, the Sciences and Engineering.

3+2 Degree Programs

NJCU and NJIT jointly offer different five-year programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics, Chemistry or Biology from New Jersey City University, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This program combines a traditional liberal arts environment with an intensive technical curriculum.

Earning two degrees increases the chances of obtaining a better the job and opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

The dual-degree program is an excellent choice for any student who:

  • understands the value of a broad-based liberal arts education;
  • is interested in a career in the natural sciences and engineering;
  • wishes to work as an engineer while having a strong background in physics, chemistry or biology;
  • wishes to maximize his/her career options.

The student enters as a full-time, degree-seeking freshman at New Jersey City University and continues his or her studies for three years at that institution while taking some classes at NJIT. During these first three years, the majority of the requirements for the degree from New Jersey City University are satisfied. Included are required studies in General Education as well as departmental requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. During the fourth and fifth years of the program, the student is enrolled full-time at NJIT. During these two years the course of study is focused on the required engineering courses needed to complete the engineering degree, with certain of these technical classes being required at New Jersey City University for fulfillment of its degree requirements.

A B.S. degree is awarded by NJCU at the end of the fourth year and a B.S. degree in Engineering is awarded by NJIT at the end of the fifth year.

Students interested in any of these dual-degree programs are strongly encouraged to make their selection of major as soon as possible and consult with a faculty advisor from the Physics Department. The advisor will assist the student in planning the course of study in order to complete the program requirements within five-year time span.