Applied Physics—Physical Science Teacher Certification Secondary Education (K-12), B.A.

Bachelor of Arts
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About This Degree

This Program is Not Currently Accepting Applications

Completion of this major and New Jersey teacher certification program prepares one for a career as a physical science teacher in high schools in which science is taught as a separate subject. Continued study may include a master’s degree in education, physics, geology, biology, environmental science, or natural science.

Admission to the education certification program requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Eligibility for teacher certification by the New Jersey Department of Education is dependent upon completion of the curriculum requirements of a certification program, a passing score on the Praxis exam and whatever minimum cumulative grade point average has been put into effect by the State at the time a graduate's application for certification arrives at the New Jersey Department of Education.

Students who are interested in teacher certification as a physical science teacher must contact the College of Education for additional requirements necessary for admission and completion of the education certification program.

Students who may be interested in this major are encouraged to make their selection of major as soon as possible.