About This Degree

A Minor in Middle Eastern Studies offers students an opportunity to complement their academic major with an interdisciplinary exploration of one of the world’s most important regions.  This program, which draws upon faculty and courses from many departments, is aimed at preparing students to better understand the languages, cultures, and political systems of the Middle East.  It affords them the opportunity to study art and history, three of the world’s major religions, international relations, and the languages of the Middle East, among other subjects. The language component (two semesters) is designed to introduce students to one of the languages of the Middle East, as well as the cultures and social customs of that region. Arabic is the only Middle Eastern language currently offered at NJCU. Other languages spoken in the region, such a Hebrew and Farsi, may be substituted for Arabic. Depending on their proficiency level, students may be exempted from taking one or both courses in the area of language. Proficiency can be demonstrated through language tests that would result in six or more course credits from NJCU, such as the CLEP or the OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview).