About This Degree

Please note: This Program is on hold for the next Academic Year.

The Alternate Route Program for World Language teachers has been approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education and it is linked to the Master’s in Urban Education with a World Languages Specialization (Spanish). Successful completion of the Alternate Route program results in eligibility to apply for a Certificate of Advanced Standing for Teachers of Spanish. If a candidate is accepted for matriculation, all credits from the Alternate Route Program will be accepted towards the graduate degree requirements in the M.A. in Urban Education with a specialization in World Languages.

This program is designed to expand the options for high quality teachers to enter the workforce in New Jersey. It will allow teachers with a Certificate of Eligibility to attain permanent certification. The program provides the overall content of the traditional Alternate Route Program with respect to the State of New Jersey Professional Standards and time equivalent. In addition, particular emphasis is placed on second language acquisition, as well as standards-based curriculum and assessment practices in the world languages classroom. The program consists of 15 semester hours. Prospective teachers must qualify for a Certificate of Eligibility as issued by the New Jersey State Department of Education before entering the Internship Phase.