Health & Safety

General Health and Safety Tips

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: 

  • Take note of out-of-the-ordinary people or events happening around you as you walk or ride to your various daily activities and other destinations.

Blending In: 

  • Do not wear clothing that labels you as an American such as "I Love NJ" T-shirts
  • Learn what is acceptable to wear in your visiting country. How formal is the day-to-day dress? Do locals generally wear bright or muted clothing?
  • Don't speak loudly or obnoxiously.
  • Speak the native language as much as possible.

Always Travel in Groups: 

  • There is safety in numbers. Whenever possible, travel with a group.
  • Tell someone where you are going

Locate the American Embassies and Consulates: 

  • Know the location of the American embassy and consulates and know how to contact them. Carry the information with you at all times.

Copy Important Documents: 

  • In case your wallet or backpack is lost or stolen, keep a copy of your passport, airplane tickets, health insurance card, driver's license, student ID, a safe place.
  • Leave a copy of important documents with your family in the US, and e-mail important numbers (like your passport number) to yourself so can access it at any time.

Don't Flash Money and Jewelry: 

  • Do not have your wallet exposed (think neck pouches).
  • Secure your backpack with a lock.
  • Do not flaunt large quantities of cash.

Check Google and Local Maps Before You Go Out: 

  • Looking lost or confused can make you vulnerable.
  • Plan where you are going before you leave.

Be Extra Cautious of Your Surroundings At Night: 

  • At night, walk on well lit streets, and avoid bus and train stations, subways and empty parks.