Urban Education and Teacher Unionism Policy Project

Urban Education and Teacher Unionism Policy Project

Urban Education and Teacher Unionism Policy Project

The Urban Education and Teacher Unionism Policy Project promotes dialogue among scholars and activists about controversial, complex issues in urban schools, continuing NJCU's longtime involvement in urban education.

Key audiences for the Project’s policy briefs are scholars in educational policy, urban education, and K-12 teacher unionism; policy makers and policy-making bodies at all levels; media; civil society organizations advocating for equity and excellence in urban schools; teacher union officials; activist teachers committed to furthering social justice and union democracy; and parents. 

Dr. Lois Weiner serves as Director of the Policy Project. Its work is guided by an advisory board of scholars, teacher union leaders, and education activists. Dr. Marilyn Maye and Dr. Chris Shamburg, NJCU faculty, are Consulting Directors. (Dr. Elba Herrero, a founding Consulting Director is currently on leave.) Ms. Shareen Shibli is a Research Associate.


Organizations are listed for purposes of identification:

  • Hiram Rivera – Former Executive Director, Philadelphia Student Union
  • Vajra Watson, Ed.D. Professor and Director, Research and Policy for Equity, University of California, Davis; Founder, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS)
  • Rich Milner, Ph.D - Professor and Director, Center for Urban Education at University of Pittsburgh, Editor-in-Chief, Urban Education
  • Sally Lee, Executive Director and Founder, Teachers Unite (New York, New York)
  • Arlene Inouye, Founder and project director of CAMS (Coalition for Alternatives to Militarism in our Schools), Treasurer of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)
  • Leah Z. Owens, Founding member of Newark Education Workers (NEW) Caucus; Newark Board of Education member; Urban Systems Ph.D. candidate, Rutgers-Newark
  • Jackson Potter, Founding member Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE), Chicago Teachers Union staff coordinator
  • M. Francyne Huckaby, Ph.D,  Associate Professor, Director of The Center for Public Education, Texas Christian University College of Education, Fort Worth, TX
  • Bryan Profitt, Founding member North Carolina Organize2020; President, Durham Association of Educators
  • Wayne Au, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Washington Bothell; Editorial Board member, Rethinking Schools
  • Sarah A. Robert, Ph.D., University of Buffalo Graduate School of Education, Director, Social Studies Education Program
  • Thomas Pedroni, Ph.D. Associate professor of curriculum studies, Wayne State University; Founder and Director of Detroit data and democracy project

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