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   How to resolve IE 10 Browser issues?

How to resolve IE 10 Browser issues?

Some users have reported issues when trying to use IE10 with PeopleSoft applications. Common issues include menus/pages not displaying correctly, queries becoming stuck in processing mode, some buttons may not work or pages will show the "working" icon as spinning. To resolve the issues, Internet Explorer must be in compatibility view mode. Switching to compatibility view will likely resolve these issues. The following instructions will provide the necessary information to activate IE 10 in Comptibility View Mode.


It is required that you click the compatibility view mode button prior to completing the online application. In order to turn on the Internet Explorer compatibility view mode, locate and click on the "broken page icon" that appears near the top of the browser window and to the right of the address bar (see sample screen shots below). When the compatibility view mode is on, the broken page icon will appear blue.
Compatibility View - when Off

Compatibility View Off 
Compatibility View - when On

Compatibility View On   or 
Compatibility View On (2) 

Or if you do not see the "broken page icon" you can also enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 10, by using the following instructions.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 10 and look on the Menu Bar for File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help.
  2. Click the option for Tools. Then, in the drop down menu, click on Compatibility View settings.

    Compatibity View Settings 


Then do one of the following:

  1. Add to the list of websites (see below).
  2. In the Add this website: box, type, and then click the Add button.
  3. will then be moved into the section called "Websites you've added to Compaitibility View."
  4. Be sure to also check the two options at the bottom (as shown).

  5. Compatibity View - Step 1 

    Compatibity View - Step 2 

And finally, click Close

For additional information about Compatibility View
(read this information from Microsoft).


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