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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

  1. What credits are transferrable into NJCU?
    Generally, NJCU accepts college-level courses (100 level or higher) earned with a minimum grade of a C from accredited institutions in the United States.
  2. How are credits evaluated?
    Transcripts are evaluated in one of two ways: 1) course by course or 2) blanket credit.
  3. What is blanket credit?
    Blanket credit satisfies the general education program here at NJCU. It is awarded to AA, AS, and AFA degrees from colleges in the State of New Jersey and Bachelor degrees in the United States. Effective Fall 2019: AA, AS, and AFA degrees from out-of-state regionally accredited institutions will also be granted blanket credit. Blanket credit does not fulfill courses needed as a prerequisite for major requirements.
  4. How many credits can I transfer?
    NJCU can accept a maximum of 60 credits from two-year schools and 90 combined credits from two-year and four-year schools.
  5. Does NJCU accept foreign transcripts?
    Yes. All foreign transcripts must have a course by course evaluation completed by a NACES member. Check for a complete list of accepted evaluation services.
  6. Does NJCU accept credit by examination?
    Yes. NJCU awards credits for passing scores on the CLEP, NYU Language Proficiency exam, AP, IB - Higher Level and DSST. For further information, check their websites.
  7. I completed my Associate's degree at a NJ community college, why don't I see my degree on the evaluation or in GothicNet?
    In most cases, this happens when the transcript that was originally submitted to the TRC does not reflect the degree. Don't worry, this is an easy fix. Just request an updated official transcript from your former school be sent to:

    New Jersey City University
    Transfer Resource Center
    2039 John F. Kennedy Blvd
    Hepburn Hall 201
    Jersey City, NJ 07305

    You can send e-transcripts to

    Once we receive the updated transcript with your degree, we will update your evaluation and send on the information to the Registrars office to be posted.
  8. I'm a newly admitted graduate student at NJCU. Will NJCU allow me to transfer graduate credits I completed at another university? 
    The credit transfer process for graduate students is different in that approval is at the discretion of the academic department to which you are admitted; not the Transfer Resource Center. Transfer of graduate credits will only be considered once you: 1) are matriculated in a graduate degree program at NJCU and 2) submit the Graduate Credit Transfer Form in its entirety. Once your academic department reviews your request, they will then submit their approval/disapproval of transfer credits to the Transfer Resource Center and you will be notified.

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