Spotlight a Transfer Student

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Congratulations to all the Fall 2019 Transfer Student nominees!


Casey Breese

Nominated by Venessa Garcia
Department: Criminal Justice
Casey Breese is an exemplary individual majoring in Criminal Justice.  In and out of the classroom she dedicates herself to her studies and shows great leadership. Casey is a Special Officer Class II, having completed the police academy and dedicating her life to helping and serving the public. She is an excellent representation of our students at NJCU.

Nevin Perkins 

Nominated by: Theta Pavis-Weil
Department: The Gothic Times
Nevin Perkins is one of the most intellectually curious students I have met. He loves to share what he is learning with other students and genuinely cares about society. He is kind to everyone he meets. A born leader, he has made an impact at The Gothic Times as an editor and contributor to the newspaper. He is also heavily engaged in the larger community, selflessly giving his time to help others, whether it is organizing to help primary school children, or cleaning up area parks. He does all of this while also working. He is an admirable member of our student team.

Nominated by: Robert Quinones 
Department: Center of Community Engagement
Nevin Perkins is a junior at New Jersey City University and a Jersey City native. Transferring from Hudson County Community College with a 2.9 GPA, Nevin wasted no time in becoming acclimated into the NJCU community. He is currently a member of the Change Builder program, an intern for the Jersey City Office of Community Engagement, and the OpEd editor for NJCU’s student newsletter the Gothic Times. In addition to Nevin’s contributions to the University, Nevin also works in Jersey City and neighboring towns to spread awareness and community engagement among the people. He has organized community clean ups, hosted and participated in panel discussions, and attends rallies regularly. Nevin is a fine example of how to be an active contribution to your community.

Justin Epps

Nominated by: Leslie Graham Wilson
Department: Opportunity Scholarship Program
Justin, who transferred from HCCC to NJCU in 2017, has been on the Dean's List for three consecutive semesters, with a present GPA of 3.51. Justin's major is Art: Graphics Arts & Design. His goal ultimate career goal is to be a freelance entrepreneur. Justin has been working as a Library Associate for HCCC for several years and regularly participates in community initiatives to feed the homeless.

Giselle Prado

Nominated by: Tracy Nelson
Department: SOAR
Giselle is a Media Arts major and shows a real passion for her content area. Giselle works in the SOAR Office as both a student assistant and Rising Knight Peer Mentor where she assists freshman students with their transition from high school to college. With her specialization in Media Arts, Giselle also works on posts and brainstorming for the SOAR Instagram page. She is kind and always willing to help a fellow student! We are so glad Giselle decided to transfer to NJCU and become a Gothic Knight!

Kelly McKenna

Nominated by: Anna Scanniello
Department: Fire Science
Kelly entered NJCU this fall semester and has already become involved in the University. She was hired as a student worker for the Public Safety Department, and is involved in the environmental and fire safety division.  She is active in the Fire Science Department and recently was one of the department representatives to a presentation sponsored by the NJ Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Yaneke Robinson

Nominated by: John Grew
Department: Biology
Yaneke is a Biology major who transferred from a Texas community college. She has a 3.8 GPA in a difficult major (Biology). Yaneke wants to study medicine and has what it takes. She also identified a great internship opportunity on her own and leveraged that experience into credits through the CoOp program. This is a student who is on an upward trajectory!

Crystal Simon

Nominated by: Bridget Bardge
Department: Center for Leadership & Engagement
I would like to nominate Crystal Simon. Crystal transferred to NJCU from Raritan Valley Community College and immediately got involved on SGA's Student Activity Board— creating exciting programs and trips for the student body. Crystal's first event was a trip to Hershey Park that sold out tickets in less than a week!  Then last month, I stayed late to attend Crystal's event, "The 90’s Karaoke Night" that had well over 50 students in attendance.
At the Karaoke event, students arrived before the DJ and the food. Once the DJ arrived, Crystal soon realized that her food order wasn't coming! She had a room full of hungry guests but she didn't panic. Crystal improvised a plan with the DJ— to keep the crowd entertained with dance music, as she worked with Gourmet Dining. The night turned out to be a success— despite the DJ's late arrival and no food for the first hour.

Nominated by: Robert Quinones
Department: Center for Community Engagement
She transferred from Raritan Valley Community College in the fall of 2018 with her Associates Degree in Mathematics.  She's now pursuing a degree in Math with a Concentration in Actuarial Science. In terms of involvement she has worked for the Gothic Times last year, participated in the LSAMP research program during the 2018 fall and 2019 spring semesters, and she has worked in the HSI research program both this summer of 2019 and the summer of 2018.  She was also an Orientation Leader for the summer of 2019.  She is currently the Vice President of Finance for the Student Activities Board and working as a tutor for the Math Department. 

Jasmine Antunez

Nominated by: Michelle Rosen
Department: Literacy Education
Jasmine came to NJCU not knowing anyone and quickly immersed herself in the Teacher Intern Program (…). She rose quickly as an exemplar intern working in various area charter schools. Jasmine worked as a lead intern, working as a liaison between the program director, head of charter school and interns working under her. Jasmine is a successful representative of NJCU and the College of Education.

Houda Mouhaid

Nominated by: Leslie Graham Wilson
Department: Opportunity Scholarship Program
Houda transferred from ECC to NJCU under the auspices of the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP/EOF) in the Fall of 2018 with an AS degree in Criminal Justice. She has maintained a 3.70 GPA since her arrival. Houda fulfilled her internship requirement with Essex County's Veterans' Court. Her ultimate goal is to become a Border Protection Officer. In May 2020, Houda will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in National Security Studies.

Catherine Figueiredo

Nominated by: Ayannah Johnson
Department: University Advisement Center
Cat is an extremely driven student who transferred from Union County Community College with her Associates in Education. She made sure to maintain a strong GPA at UCCC, which allowed her to receive a full ride scholarship at NJCU. She has learned to navigate NJCU on her own, and become a PAL for an OTC instructor. She has helped her freshman in her class navigate the campus and has given them advice and mentorship. Cat gives her all in everything that she does, NJCU is greater because of her.

Brittany Goeman

Nominated by: Josh Dornbos
Department: University Advisement Center
Brittany has been a motivated and conscientious student throughout her time at NJCU since transferring in the Fall of 2018.  Majoring in Biology and minoring in Business she has taken challenging coursework and is set to graduate this spring with a 3.3.  She has also been teaching fitness classes in the JMAC while being a student at NJCU, bringing a passion to campus outside of the classroom.  A great example of making the most of her time on campus albeit only a year and a half!

Emily Sierra

Nominated by: John Blicharz
Department: Centralized Tutoring & Academic Support Programming
Emily is a senior tutor at The Hub and has been instrumental in the successes of our students and tutoring services. She is passionate and eager to assist students at all levels of writing development. She is humble and resourceful, as she collaborates with colleagues, faculty, and staff. We are proud to employ Emily as a senior tutor and look forward to her successes. 

Jeff Haddock

Nominated by: Chantell Rivera
Department: Housing and Residence Life
Jeff Haddock transferred from Rider University he was an active student athlete and still is. He is a current Resident Assistant and participates on campus for programming and events. He is the current captain of the men’s basketball team.

Deborah Acevedo

Nominated by: Jason Martinek
Department: History
Since Deb transferred from HCCC she has received all A's. She took one course with me last term and is taking two with me this term. I am so impressed by her intelligence, work ethic, and commitment to NJCU. I can think of no one better to highlight the achievements of our transfer students than Deb.

Marcus Daniels

Nominated by: Jeffrey Dessources
Department: Center for Leadership and Engagement
Marcus currently serves as the Vice President of Finance for Student Government Association. He also serves as a Resident Assistant at the West Campus Village. He is also a proud brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. He is a tremendous student leader.

Brianna Evans

Nominated by: Christina Rolon
Department: TRiO Learning Community Program
Ms. Evans obtained an Associate of Arts degree from Essex Country College and transferred to New Jersey City University (NJCU) During the Spring 2018 semester. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and has demonstrated her dedication to her academics by maintaining a GPA of a 3.92 while balancing many responsibilities. Ms. Evans has been a Writing tutor for the TRiO Learning Community Program (TLC) since the Fall 2018 semester.  Her students are empowered to learn and encouraged to pursue their goals. She has been an excellent addition to our team and we are very thankful for have her.

Aja Moore

Nominated by: Robert Quinones
Department: Center for Community Engagement
Her extracurricular leadership activities are:

  • Tau Sigma Honor Society
  • National Honors Society
  • The National Leadership and Success Society
  • Public Relation Executive Board Member for Health Science Student Organization
  • SOAR Part-Time Student Assistant
  • SOAR Rising Peer Knight Mentor for NJCU
  • Global Village Mentorship Program
  • NJCU Changebuilder
  • Center of Civic Engagement, Gothic Knight Food Pantry Volunteer
  • Gothic Knight Ally Safe Zone Program (Ally)
  • She has participate in the Biology club, Chemistry Club, BF Society, HSA Club, LGBTQIA, Art Therapy and ASBMB clubs.


  • Tau Sigma Academic Honor Society for Transfer Students Certificate & Pin Award.
  • Health Science Engagement & Leadership Award.
  • SGA Above & Beyond Award for Health Science Student Organization Award.
  • Changebuilder Certificate Completion of 40hours Award.
  • The National Society for Leadership and Success Certification/Award

Catherine Mendez

Nominated by: Robert Quinones
Department: Center for Community Engagement
These are the things that she is currently involved in: She is a member of the Spanish honor society: Sigma Delta Pi Member of transfer student honor society: Tau Sigma National Transfer Honor Society Member of: National Society of Leadership & Success Part of “be the match” bone marrow donation registry Fundraiser volunteer for childhood cancer She has volunteered for the Special Olympics but haven’t done so lately

Upsana Kaur

Nominated by: Lenny Williams
Department: School of Business
Upsana is a model student here at NJCU. Ironically, I met Upsana at Brookdale CC as student in my course. She was the first one to class and last to leave working extremely hard every single session. Upsana took the same ethic into NJCU by doing well in the classroom as well.