Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are prestigious appointments that allow full-time, degree degree-seeking students the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience while studying at NJCU. 


  • A limited number are awarded each year to highly-qualified graduate students. 
  • Graduate assistantships cover tuition and fees for full-time study (9-15 credits per semester). 
  • Graduate assistants are required to work in a University department or office for 18 hours each week, for which they receive a stipend of $4000 over the academic year ($2000 per semester). 
  • Graduate assistants may not hold a full-time job either inside or outside the University, and they may not be graduate assistants during a semester when they are student teaching. 
  • Graduate assistants may also apply for Federal Student Loans to assist with costs related to full-time graduate study.  
  • To be eligible, a student must be matriculated in a degree program.  
  • For the full year, the initial application deadline for graduate assistantships is April 15 and will be accepted until June 1; most appointments are made by July 31
  • For the very limited, spring semester assistantships only, the deadline is December 1. 


In addition to matriculation requirements, applicants must submit a resume and write a letter to the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President, located in Hepburn Hall, room 309, (201) 200-3003. Applications can also be emailed to The letter should discuss the educational goals of your assistantship and full-time degree study, and should include prior work experience, skills, and academic background. If you have already begun graduate studies at NJCU, you should discuss your initial progress. Applicants may apply for a graduate assistantship when they apply for graduate admission and matriculation, but they applicants will not become eligible until their matriculation has been approved by their department.

The applicant may specify an office or department that would be of particular interest for employment, but this is neither required nor guaranteed. Graduate assistants are assigned by the Provost and Senior Vice President. A student may be assigned to an office or department unrelated to their area of study.