Costs & Scholarship Information

Costs & Scholarship Information


Please read this information before going to the Affidavit of Support:

An international student must document sufficient funding to cover annual expenses for study at New Jersey City University. To receive an I-20, you are required to show that liquid funds are available to cover one year’s expenses (US $39,500) and evidence that sufficient funds will be available for every year of the program. Married students who plan to bring their spouses and children must document the availability of at least an additional $7,500 per academic year for each dependent.

In preparing your documents, remember that students holding F-1 visas are permitted to work in the U.S. only under certain limited circumstances. Therefore, applicants should not count on employment during their studies as a means of financial support. Spouses of F-1 student visa holders are not permitted to work under any circumstances.

The following list summaries the approximate expenses an international sutdent will incur in one academic year (nine months) at NJCU.  All costs are subject to change.  We also advise students to be prepared for unforessen and discretionary spending not included in this estimate of annual expenses.

  • Tuition and fees  $21,000
  • Living costs $12,000
  • Books and personal expenses $6,500
  • Approximate total expenses $39,500

Acceptable types of financial support:

  1. Student’s Personal Funds: A student may act as his own full or partial sponsor if the student can document sufficient personal funds. The student should submit a notarized letter describing the amount of funds available, the length of availability, and the source of those funds (personal savings, etc) along with bank statements to verify the availability of the funds. Bank statements must show an average daily balance over a 90 day period and must be dated within 90 days of your I-20 request.
  2. Sponsorship by Family, Relatives, or Other Individuals: Sponsors must promise to support the student (and dependents, if applicable) for the duration of study and be able to document sufficient financial resources. Sponsors must prepare the attached Affidavit of Financial sponsorship and may submit letters from employers, bank statements, or tax returns to verify income. A sponsor who provides room and board is considered to be providing the equivalent of $12,000 support.
  3. Sponsorship by a Company, Government, or Other Source: If a student is being sponsored by a company, the company should provide a letter committing to the amount of financial support required by NJCU and submit documentation of sufficient corporate assets to provide that support. If the student is receiving financial support from a governmental or private funding source, an official letter detailing the amount and duration of that support is required.

The following documents are not acceptable:

  • Funds from investments and property
  • Letters that do not contain the actual numerical balance in the account(s).
  • Letters stating ‘enough’ or ‘sufficient’ funds are available without providing specific figures



New Jersey City University is offering qualified undergraduate and graduate International Students a merit scholarship of up to $2,500 per semester/ $5,000 per year. Scholarships are automatically awarded upon acceptance to NJCU. Conditions for the scholarship are:

  • ​Students must be admitted and matriculated at NJCU
  • Students must have, or apply for, an F1 visa
  • Students must complete an I20 application and submit all required documents   
  • Students must enter with and maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA. 
  • Students must be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits- undergraduate or 9 credits- graduate).

All scholarships are two to four year awards (not including summer session), unless otherwise stated. Additional funding beyond your projected graduation date is not guaranteed although special circumstances will be considered.