Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations

Dear NJCU Graduate:

Jane McClellan
As one of NJCU’s nearly 40,000 ambassadors around the globe, you have a very special role in the life of this institution.  Whether you received your degree from New Jersey State Normal School at Jersey City, New Jersey State Teachers College, Jersey City State College, or New Jersey City University, you have much to gain by staying in touch with your alma mater.  NJCU continues to be a symbol of access, opportunity, and excellence in higher education.  You can help it to grow and prosper by being an active member of the alumni community.

The Office of Alumni Relations cultivates vital links between alumni and the University. The Alumni Connection, NJCU’s online community, enables you to create your own online profile, view general information about your fellow alumni and stay connected with them. We believe that the Alumni Connection will bring NJCU’s alumni closer to one another, and to NJCU and we also encourage you to stay connected through NJCU’s Alumni Facebook Page. We are on Twitter (@NJCUniversity) and Instagram (#NJCUniversity) as well.

It is our hope that these avenues for involvement with NJCU will enrich your life and the life of the University. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions on getting involved with NJCU.

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Jane McClellan,
Executive Director, Alumni Relations 
(201) 200-3196