Staff & Peppers

Staff & Peppers


Jennifer Mullan, Psy.D., Coordinator 
Although Jennifer has began coordinating the Peers Educating Peers Program in January 2009, she is not new to the PEP group . Over past years she has presented workshops and co-led group personal growth groups on PEP retreats, as well as faciliated weekly meetings. She began her history with PEP as a former NJCU undergraduate and member from 1998-2002. Jennifer enjoys helping the Peppers reach the NJCU and the surrounding Jersey City communities, and feels strongly about providing support, education, and opportunities for students. 

Emily Adler, M.A., Artistic Director 
Emily has been working with the PEP Program since 2000. With a B.A. in English from Macalester College and an M.A. in Theater from Hunter College, she has taught ESL, essay writing, acting and playwriting at New Jersey City University, Baruch, City College and Hartford Children's Theater. She is the co-author of the Young Adult novel, Sweet 15 (published by Marshall Cavendish) and her latest play, Face, will have its world premiere at The Overtime Theater in San Antonio, TX. With PEP, Emily has directed War on Women: 3 Scenes and A Shot in the Dark, and deeply values the work she does with her beloved Peppers, past and present.


Ruthie Arroyo, B.A., Assistant Coordinator

Ruthie is an alumnus of both NJCU and the Peers Educating Peers Program and joined the PEP staff in August 2015. Since completing her bachelor's degree in Media Arts with a minor in Psychology, she has produced works in various media such as sound, film, and video. As an artivist (artist and activist), she aims to use her art as a tool to genuinely amplify voices of migrants, womxn of color, and other systemically disempowered people. She is an active member of Anakbayan New Jersey, a Filipino grassroots organization that actively advocates for genuine national democracy in the Philippines.

Current Peppers

Eneudys, Age 20, Junior, Computer Science
Hometown: New Brunswick
PEP jas helped me create real, genuine connections with other students, and has made the campus a lot safer for me as a person of color.  Over the last year, PEP has helped me release my rage in a healthy, harmless way by stepping into my personal power.  While in pep I have participated in interactive information tables and presentations which helped me work through some of my stage fright.  Also, while working together to bring an event to life, I have gained communication and leadership skills.
Kiana, Age 25, Senior, Psychology major
Hometown: East Orange
Peppers have always challenged me to put myself first and to be the best version of myself.  I've had a safe space to learn and grow as a student. I've learned to work through conflict and I've been able to find and use my voice.  PEP has also helped me to cultivate and make time for healthy coping mechanisms such as meditation and art. I've had the opportunity to excavate my traumas, rather than hiding them away. I am definitely stronger, more aware, more loving, and more alive than I was when I arrived. Working in the PEP office has allowed me to find out what I'm truly passionate about.  I've been able to learn valuable office skills, problem solving, and event planning, among other things.  PEP has definitely given me invaluable skills that I've drawn upon in other jobs and in other areas of my life.
Rashad, Age 21, Junior, English major
Hometown: Jersey City
My biggest challenge in attending school was my financial situation; my lack of funds often made it hard for me to eat and to supply myself with materials for my classes.  The PEP program and my fellow Peppers helped me with resources not only to get by but also with skills to sustain myself in future endeavors.  When I first enrolled in college I chose a field of study that I wasn't passionate about, not was it something I was god at.  It was something I did because it seemed practical, but due to my incompatibility with the subject matter, my grades began to suffer.  After joining PEP, I realized that this was a source of my depression and I switched my major to one which suits me well. Working with PEP also exposed me to an office setting, which is something I've never had experience with.  Prior to my work with PEP I had expectations and stereotypes of traditional office settings that weren't true.  Working here has helped me find and create ways to define my own work experience.