• NJCU William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Resources

  • The following resources for NJCU faculty members are accessible in this area of the College of Arts and Sciences homepage:


    The Integrative Learning link provides resources for faculty interested in integrative learning. It contains links to literature, sample syllabi, presentations, and other useful aids to help develop courses that connect across the disciplines, between general education and the major, and between the academic and extracurricular activities.
    The Various Forms and Policies link includes: 
    • Guidelines for syllabus construction
    • Forms for Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement 
    • Independent Study Forms 
    • Resources to develop courses for the honors program
    CAS Curriculum Committee (CCC) link provides:  
    • CCC composition and procedures 
    • CCC Meeting dates 
    • Information and tutorials on curriculum development 
    • CCC-Specific Forms and Policies (e.g., temporary and new course proposal forms; online course development forms) 

    General Education Revision link provided updates on the progress of the General Education revision.  The revision is complete and all the elements of the new program were adopted at the December 2013 Senate meeting.
    Classroom Capacity Data link provides:
    Data for official university classroom capacity numbers  
    University Curriculum information as gathered by the Senate  Ad-Hoc Committee for a Curriculum Handbook.

    The University Calendar link connects to the official University calendars and meeting schedules for the current academic year.