NJCU Theater COVID-19 Protocols

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NJCU Theater COVID-19 Protocols

Academic Year 2021-2022

Vaccination Status & COVID-19 Testing

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All patrons entering the theater/event space will need to show a vaccination card demonstrating full proof of vaccination with an FDA or WHO authorized vaccine or a negative COVID-19 PCR test that was taken no more than 72 hours prior to the event. The Center for the Arts also reserves the right to employ a short COVID-19 health screening questionnaire. 

If a patron is unable to produce the necessary documents, or fails a health screening questionnaire, they will be asked to leave. Refunds for denials of entry are not guaranteed and are up to the discretion of NJCU Center for the Arts management.

Contact Tracing

Contact information will be gathered from each patron/party so that all patrons who attended an event can be contacted should there be an outbreak.

Social Distancing

All staff and patrons will employ social distancing where possible. Events may or may not have seating in pairs, pods, alternate rows, and/or any other configuration that is necessary for that specific event.

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Facemask Requirement

To ensure the safety of our patrons, all staff and patrons will be required to wear masks that cover their mouth and nose snugly for the duration of their time inside NJCU facilities.

Going Digital

All ticketing will be done in advance. No cash will be accepted. Please bring your confirmation email with you for check-in. Please check NJCU.EDU/Arts for information about ticketing for a specific event. Programs, handouts, or flyers may also be digital. In so, we advise patrons to keep their brightness on low when viewing the digital media so as to not disturb others.

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How to Enter and Exit the Theater/Event Space

Entering and exiting the performance space will happen using different aisles, doors, and hallways when able. There will be markers on the ground, as well as staff members directing you.

Staggered Entry Times

We will be employing staggered entry times for all events. You may receive a call or email the day prior to an event. This call will allow you to schedule your arrival time, ensuring a quick and smooth process with the least amount of social contact. For other events we will simply be controlling the flow into the theater/event space to ensure that crowding does not happen in the space.

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Make Sure “The Gang’s All Here” Before Entering

To avoid unnecessary movement around the space, we ask everyone to meet with their entire group before entering. To avoid disruptions, we will not be allowing entry once the performance has started and there will be no re-entry.

No Food and Drink Sign

No Food or Drinks Permitted

No Food and drinks of any kind are allowed to be consumed in the theater/event space. Anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave immediately.