Let’s Zoom Healing Through Nutrition

5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

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Let’s Zoom Healing Through Nutrition with Special Guest: Anna Chen, Certified Nutritionist

"A Personal Journey: The Gut-Brain Relationship in Post-traumatic Healing"

Gut and brain are intricately connected via the vagus nerve. Disease and wellness begin in the gut. Enteric nervous system in the gut is our primal brain that hosts planetary populations of bacteria, it's where 50% of dopamine and over 90% of serotonin is produced. Our overall health depends on the health and diversity of gut microbiota and the integrity of the gut lining. Our special guest Anna Chen will discuss the importance of parasympathetic nervous mode in healing, the impact of poor nutrition, and suboptimal digestion on mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Anna will reveal her own personal story in the quest for helping heal others and lead a healthy life.

Moderated by Dr. Peri Yuksel, Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Anna Chen is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who helps individuals struggling with resistant weight loss to get fit without relying on yo-yo dieting. Anna is originally from Uzbekistan with a degree in English from Altai State University in Siberia, Russia. After losing her overweight father to a heart attack at the age of 51 and experiencing a lot of trauma and loss, Anna made it her mission to help others improve their quality of life and prevent premature death due to chronic health conditions. Anna was able to resolve her own “mystery” illness, get rid of sugar addiction and emotional eating by using the power of nutrition and teachings of Functional Medicine. She is happy to share this controversial approach and her wisdom with others who are committed to making major improvements in their health and wellness. Anna believes that every person deserves to feel confident in their own body to have the energy to tackle personal and professional projects.