Proyecto Science Testimonials

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Proyecto Science Testimonials

Proyecto Science Student Testimonials


"Proyecto Science is a wonderful program for those who would like to be ahead of the game in math and science. Proyecto students will already know the material they learn in their future classes, and they could help other students who did not have the opportunity to be a part of the program. Yes, it is a whole month of your summer, but it is worth it! And no, it is not work, work, work. The Proyecto staff tries their best to make the learning experience fun! The PS3's will always remember their joking around with their mentors, the funny moments in the classroom, and how much fun past Activity Day's have been. What I like about Proyecto is the excellent and professional teachers who are dedicated and willing to help out their students. With only one month to learn, you would imagine the teacher would speed up the lessons. But no, I remember before each and every day, the teacher asked if we understand the information from the previous day. If we didn't, she/he would be glad to go over it. Apart from the learning experience, students will socialize with others and make a lot of new friends! To conclude, Proyecto Science is an outstanding, educational, and fun experience that I would recommend to any of my grade 7 peers. With excellent teachers and surplus opportunities, this is the place to be during the summer!"


"There are so many days during my school year in which I wait with agony for the next Proyecto year to come around. Why you may ask? Well simply put, a year of Proyecto is full of learning, excitement, and most of all fun. In my high school, I am already far beyond my peers, thanks to the jump start of Proyecto Science. Personally, I find that I can compare the years of Proyecto with a high school and middle school experience. You start off at the very bottom in PS1, eager to make new friends from different cities and leave your mark on Proyecto Science. At first, you don't even know what's going on and you find yourself lost in confusion, but, with the help of your peers, you pull through the year into the last week. The very last week of PS1 is full of fun, hugs, tears, and smiles as you leave a great year of Proyecto and head into eighth grade. Then almost all of a sudden you walk into PS2 and smile comfortable in this environment ready to make new memories a well as new friends. The year passes you by so quickly and all of a sudden you feel like it's over much too soon. With all the knowledge you have received, you are far beyond any other student and prepare for high school. Not only do you learn a tremendous amount of material but also gain memories that still wander through your mind even through the school year. I can't wait to go back."


"My experience at Proyecto was certainly an enjoyable one. I met new friends and saw old friends. Everyone in PS1 walked out with both social and mental development. Most of our students don't even have to think twice about their decision about going to Proyecto again next year--their answer is a definite yes. We went from dissecting sheep eye and worms to making contraptions and dropping it down a four story building to see if the egg inside would break. We also created our own personally designed website...Also the most fun we had at Proyecto Science was truthfully the bottle rocket and the Proyecto Fireball…The bottle rocket was extremely breathtaking and tremendous. We put our lessons on force, gravity, and motion into action. Students had the opportunity to put their theories that normally feel stifled, into practice. The study of physics was brought to life as I saw the passion and effort all the students put in as they launched their rocket. My experience and memories at Proyecto Science were certainly a splendid and unforgettable one."


Every year, students respond to the following question: How has Proyecto Science affected your school experience? Below are some of the responses our students have written.

"Proyecto Science has a unique variety of classes that has provided me with a great knowledge of the thing I would be taught later on. I met a lot of people that have become long-time friends. Proyecto Science helped me build my confidence and personality." Nisha Modi

"Proyecto Science has been very useful in my academic career. Algebra I has always been a a class that I struggle in, now I am taking Algebra II and Trigonometry with the juniors at my school and I am at the top of my class." Maria Montalvo

"Proyecto Science has given me a head start in a lot of my math and science classes. It has provided strong background information that has aided me in advancing faster than others in different subjects." Faizan Javed

"Proyecto Science has been an absolutely positive influence on my school experience by introducing me to some of my future curriculum ahead of time. I know what to expect and how to approach new subjects so that I can achieve success and push myself to excel even more." Stephanie Singh