GothicCard Access & CCTV

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GothicCard Access & CCTV


Access Control

Public Safety coordinates card access for New Jersey City University students, faculty & staff; as well as campus vendors, service personnel, visitors, summer conference groups & many others.

The Department of Public Safety partners with the University Service Center by utilizing the Gothic Card to provide card access for students, faculty & staff. 

 All units of the Department of Public Safety work together to ensure doors lock and unlock at appropriate times, allowing access during regular hours and providing security and safety after hours. We monitor door status and contact appropriate personnel when prohibited activity, such as an unlawful entry, occurs.

Please visit Locksmith Services for information regarding keys and key requests.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

For your protection, NJCU makes extensive use of closed circuit television systems. Cameras are located in many areas throughout campus including parking facilities and primary pedestrian areas. We are in the process of installing more cameras throughout the campus. Cameras on campus are recorded continually, but monitored randomly.


Ron Hurley
Director of Public Safety
Rossey 114

Mena Eskander
Department of Public Safety 
Rossey 115

For more information, please email: or call 201-200-3127/ 3128.