The Bachelor of Science in Management provides students with fundamental management concepts. This includes the management techniques of different organizations: business; government; health services; education and insurance. Continuing study examines the functional and analytical specialties within institutions. Graduates work as business practitioners, as managers in manufacturing, banking, marketing, hospitality operations, restaurants and retail.

Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Global Business prepares the student for a career in the export / import field or as a manager in a multinational organization. Graduates are qualified for continued study at the master's level.

Demand in the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Maritime Port Management fields has increased dramatically due to the fact that it is a $6 billion dollar industry in New Jersey alone. Global business today encompasses domestic and global companies with busy ports in New York and New Jersey to handle cargos worldwide from North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Globalization revolutionizes the way companies conduct their business. The world has become one big supply chain and this program seeks to help meet the keen demand for professionals in these fields.

The MBA in Organizational Management and Leadership prepares individuals for responsibilities in business, government and non-profit entities. This specialization develops skills in the management of cross-functional teams, project management, technology application, and new products and services development. A focus of the specialization is on managing a diverse work force and competing in a multi-cultural global environment.


bright idea award
  • NJCU Wins Two Prestigious Awards.
    The NJCU School of Business has taken two of the coveted awards at this year's “Bright Idea Award”, sponsored by the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. Awards were selected from the top 10 manuscripts from over 165 publications from NJ Business Schools.  Dr. John Donnellan, Chair, NJCU School of Business Management, won the top ‘pedagogy design’ for his work with Finland Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Professor Marina Wikman on solutions for Port Rauma Finland. Professor Michael Bell, J.D., Accounting Department, and Dr. EunSu Lee, Management Department, won their top research awards for co-writing their paper titled ‘Strategic Global Logistics Management for Sourcing Road Oil in the U.S.’
  • New Jersey Award for NJCU School of Business and SAMK joint learning project for Port of Rauma


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Dr. John Donnellan, DPS, MBA
Chair, Management Department

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