Student Success Initiatives

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Student Success Initiatives

At the core of NJCU’s mission is Student Success. Each member of the NJCU community is personally dedicated to and accountable for ensuring that each student receives a high-quality education and a first-rate experience that leads to timely graduation with minimal debt, an academically rich degree, and a meaningful future upon graduation. Below are the offices that are here to assist students during their time at NJCU.

The Office of Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR)

The Office of Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) is committed to supporting the college transition and persistence of first-time freshman. Through a mix of outreach campaigns and programs designed to strengthen personal resilience, SOAR equips students with the valuable skills and resources needed to overcome academic, social, and/or financial obstacles. SOAR partners with offices University-wide to deliver a host of retention-based initiatives to NJCU faculty, staff, students, and families.

SOAR is open and operating virtually! Staff are happy and looking forward to assisting you!
Staff Available:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Phone: 201-503-4922
Text: 201-484-5029
Virtual Meetings Are Available Via: Zoom & FaceTime!

Office of Centralized Tutoring and Academic Support Services

The Office of Centralized Tutoring and Academic Support Programming at New Jersey City University empowers a diverse student population with sustainable and transferable skills to become our next generation of leaders. Grounded in real-world applications and a commitment to developing leadership, ethics, and critical thinking, the academic support center assists students in cultivating a passion for lifelong learning that will assist in future career and academic endeavors.

What is The Hub?

The Hub is our main campus location where all academic support services are available to undergraduate and graduate students. This location serves as a hub for academic support services at our School of Business and Wall Township campuses.

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Hours of operation for The Hub's remote reception desk and tutoring services:

Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Additional contact information:
phone: 201-200-3513

The University Advisement Center

The University Advisement Center seeks to enhance the experience and academic success of NJCU's undergraduate students. UAC's Academic Advisors are dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential, providing awareness of resources and supporting academic success.

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Office Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Additional contact information:
To schedule an appointment with an advisor: 201-200-3300 or 201-200-3422
Secondary number: 201-471-6091

Student Leadership & Development

Center for Leadership and Engagement

Peer Advisement:

NJCU offers several opportunities for students to help students navigate the university.  

Rising Knight Peer Mentors are experienced upperclassmen who develop meaningful relationships with their mentees. Peer Mentors attend bi-weekly trainings to develop strategies to alleviate initial isolation, increase student involvement, and providing mentees with encouragement to strive for success. Peer Mentors assist with the successful transition of their mentees into the University by communicating with them throughout the year, identifying personal challenges, and referring student issues to SOAR staff for timely intervention. 

Peer Advisor Liaisons (PALs) serve as members of the University Advising Center (UAC) staff and assist students as they experience a variety of transitions including acclimation to academic life, major selection, and overall academic success at NJCU.

NJCU Honors Program Peer Mentors connect students with one another right away, based on their interests. This gives students a feeling of comfort and support along their four-year journey by pairing first-year students with a mentor who has been in the program at least a year. Your mentor will:

  • Answer your questions and guide you in the right direction
  • Get to know you on a deeper level
  • Help you with problems whether inside or outside of school
  • Have experienced the program for a year and be able to share their experiences and knowhow--from the classroom and library to commuting and dorm life.

Orientation to College

Orientation to College is a one credit course which serves as a guide to being a successful college student. In this course, students learn about habits, perspectives and resources that correspond with effective learning strategies and engaging with the campus.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program/Educational Opportunity Fund (OSP/EOF) admits students who demonstrate a desire to obtain a college degree and are motivated to explore new opportunities for personal development. OSP/EOF serves students who come from backgrounds with limited financial resources and academic preparedness in an effort to improve chances for success, ultimately shattering stereotypes that stigmatize these communities. OSP/EOF provides individualized, holistic support services such as personal, academic, career and financial counseling, and tutoring. The OSP team creates a nurturing environment, sets high expectations, and provides guidance from recruitment to graduation. OSP/EOF scholars will be equipped to be critical thinkers, community advocates, and leaders within society. 

The TRiO Learning Community (TLC) Program at New Jersey City University is known nationally as a federal Student Support Services (SSS) program. TLC is a federally-funded TRiO program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students in meeting basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education. Although nationally each program is different, we all share the same purpose: to retain and graduate the students we serve.

The program provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal of SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants and help students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next.

ASCEND  stands for Achieving Success by Cultivating Excellence and Nurturing Discovery.  ASCEND is a summer bridge program, aimed toward supporting students’ successful transition from high school to college. 


The Rebound program at NJCU assists students whose cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0, providing resources for throughout the semester to promote academic success, including workshops and advising sessions.

National Student Exchange

Through NSE, students continue to make progress toward their NJCU degree while studying at another institution through out the USA, paying in-state tuition.

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