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NJCU EAB SSC Campus is the primary advising platform for all bachelor's degree-seeking students at the University and is a more streamlined one-stop student success platform to help us coordinate advising, tutoring, financial aid, and other campus-wide student services.

The platform provides necessary tools to advisors, faculty, retention specialists, and others involved in the educative process have more proactive and data-driven conversations with students and to more efficiently advise students about degree progress as well as communicate early alerts.

The focus remains on creating an environment where students thrive, persist and graduate and where institutional expectations and academic requirements are clearly communicated with actionable and measurable results.


  • If you are an either an academic or faculty advisor/mentor or a professor, you should have access to the NJCU EAB SSC Campus. You can log in using your NJCU credentials to access the NJCU EAB SSC Campus platform.
  • Be sure that you read about FERPA.


Calendar Integration

  • Download INSTRUCTIONS for Calendar Integration Setup with EAB SSC Campus.

Trouble Accessing NJCU EAB SSC Campus

  • Once you are active as an advisor or professor in the NJCU GothicNet system, you can log in to NJCU EAB SSC Campus using your NJCU credentials.
  • If you are unable to access the NJCU EAB SSC Campus platform, email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit the NJCU EAB Student Success Collaborative FAQ page for helpful information.
    • DOWNLOAD EAB SSC Campus User Guide
    • DOWNLOAD EAB SSC Campus Glossary
    • DOWNLOAD Issue SSC Campus Academic Concerns Alerts Guide

Campus Site Live SSC

  • The SSC Campus platform is live. Sign on and begin using the platform as advisors or professors. Advisors and professors can access the live site at
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Why Use SSC Campus?

  • "EAB has become an integral part of my advisement process. The data analysis, performance metrics and the ongoing documentation of advisement sessions enables me to understand my students in ways that would not be possible without it. The better I understand them, the better I can help them achieve their goals." -Matthew Lahm, Academic Advisor for Visual, Media and Performing Arts; National Student Exchange Coordinator
  • "Through effective utilization of SSC Campus, we are able to set our students up for success and drive meaningful change." -Dr. Jessica Accurso-Salguero, Director for Student Success Programs, Interim
  • "Key features that I think you will greatly benefit from:
    • Add your advisement hours into the system and students can self-schedule appointments
    • Send email and text messages to your advisees at the click of a button
    • Use predictive analytics to get information on student risk level for persisting to graduation
    • Send referrals to FinAid, Tutoring, etc. at the click of a button
    • Add notes when you meet with a student to discuss progress, recommendations made, etc.
    • Send a quick note to students in your class about progress"

-Dr. Kimberly Dudas, Associate Dean, Nursing, Health Sciences and Wall, College of Professional Studies