Program Level Assessment

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Program Level Assessment

The purpose of program level assessment is to improve student learning. The assessment process is faculty-driven and faculty-supervised. It is a collaborative process that includes faculty, students, staff, administrators, and others. It involves establishing student learning outcomes, measuring/observing and documenting the extent to which outcomes are achieved, findings ways to improve, and implementing improvement plans.

Basic Steps for Program Assessment

  1. Develop student learning outcomes
  2. Align learning outcomes and curricular requirements
  3. Determine evidence artifacts and measurement instruments for each outcome
  4. Establish benchmarks and target performance levels
  5. Provide learning experiences; gather evidence data
  6. Review and discuss results
  7. Develop and implement action plans

Steps 1-3 are typically done once and then revisited as needed.  Steps 4-7 are repeated each time an assessment activity/process takes place.

NJCU Assessment Plan and Cycle