Rising Knight Student Testimonials

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Rising Knight Student Testimonials

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

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Our mission at SOAR is to foster a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes the success of all students.

We accomplish this by:

  • Building meaningful relationships with students and developing personalized proactive communication plans

  • Developing an institutionalized system of peer to peer support that encourages healthy student behaviors

  • Assisting students by holistically assessing their individual needs and connecting them with necessary campus resources

  • Developing highly trained peer mentors that embrace support models of student success

How to Contact Us

SOAR is open and operating virtually! Staff are happy and looking forward to assisting you!
Staff Available:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Phone: 201-503-4922
Text: 201-484-5029
Email: soar@njcu.edu
Virtual Meetings Are Available Via: Zoom & FaceTime!

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

“The SOAR office genuinely cares about helping students by guiding them to the right path to meet their priorities. They execute an excellent plan by providing a mentor, keeping in contact with the student, and helping in every small possible way.
-First-time Freshman, Commuter, Athlete, ‘21

“The SOAR staff were like my very own advocates when it came to dealing with the many challenges as a returning student. They helped me with everything from applying for the Fresh Start Program, understanding and obtaining financial aid, as well as navigating through the website to enroll in courses. Without the assistance from the SOAR office and its staff members, I would have just given up on continuing my education. I am so appreciative of their services and support, it’s unmeasurable.”
-Adult Transfer, Commuter, ‘20

“The Office of Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) has made major impacts on my smooth transition into college life at NJCU. From the First Year Textbook Grant to answering any of my questions, SOAR has assisted me with a number of things. Every time I go into SOAR the team is always willing, ready, and able to help me. I walk in sometimes with a problem or concern and I leave not only with the right information, but I leave feeling confident about my first year at NJCU. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication this office provides.”
-First-time Freshman, Commuter, ‘23

“SOAR reaches out to me throughout the semester to make sure I’m okay and remind me of important dates such as, FAFSA deadlines and early registration. The Office of Student Outreach and Retention recently helped and guided me through the TAG appeal process that added extra financial assistance for tuition and educational related expenses to my financial aid. I am forever grateful for all of the support the SOAR Office has provided me and my family. There is no doubt in my mind that I can always reach out to my SOAR family for support and their doors are always open to me.”
-Adult Student, Parent, Commuter, ‘21

“The SOAR Office has helped me in various ways. From freshman year to now, the office has helped manage my financial responsibility owed to this institution, notified me of potential scholarship opportunities, and so much more. Without the aid of SOAR, who knows where I would be on my academic trajectory. With this said, I would like to thank SOAR for their great work on campus and recommend all students stop by the office regarding any problems or ensuing conflicts.”
-First-time Freshman, Commuter, ‘21

“The SOAR Office has been an amazing help to me the past year. For everything from financial aid help to scholarship assistance, they have always been able to provide me with great information. Now every time I have a question about anything, SOAR is number one on my list.”
-First-time Freshman, Commuter, ‘23

“My experience with SOAR was amazing. The SOAR Office has helped me in many cases. I received a call from the SOAR office and they gave me a mentor. She was a great and selfless mentor. My mentor has given me useful advice that has helped me so much. The SOAR Office is very incredible. I have learned a lot of things and I’ve built a strong relationship with my mentor.”
-First-time Freshman, Housing, ‘21