Curriculum for the Ed.D.

Curriculum for the Ed.D.

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The Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership is a three-year cohort program.  The courses are online during the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters, and there is a one-week Summer Institute each July.  Students take six credits in fall, six credits in spring, and eight credits in summer for three years.  All cohorts begin in the Summer.  Students will take comprehensive exams during Summer Institute II and present their portfolios and defend their dissertation proposals during Summer Institute III Students focus on their dissertations during their third year of study.   Read more about the Summer Institute.

Upcoming Summer Institute Dates:

July 16-July 20, 2018

July 15-July 19, 2019

July 13-July 17 2020

The scope and sequence of the program highlights the policies, systems, pedagogies of educational technology and leadership across K-12, higher education, and entrepreneurship. 






Year I

(20 credits)


Summer I

EDTC 801, Summer Institute I (2)

EDTC 802, Principles of Educational Technology Leadership (3)

EDTC 803, Data Analysis and Report Writing (3)


Fall I

EDTC 804, Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership (3)

EDTC 805, Cross-discipline Studies in Technology (3)


Spring I

EDTC 806, Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership (3)

EDTC 807, Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum (3)





Year II

(20 credits)



Summer II

EDTC 808, Summer Institute II (2) [including Comprehensive Exam I]

EDTC 813, Advanced Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum (3)

EDTC 814, Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning (3)


Fall II

EDTC 815, Advanced Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings (3)

EDTC 809, Assessment and Evaluation (3)

Spring II

EDTC 816, Advanced Methods for Building Online Communities (3)

EDTC 810, Statistics for Educational Research (3)




Year III

(20 credits)



Summer III

EDTC 811, Summer Institute III (2) [including Comprehensive Exam II]

EDTC 812, Teaching in the Adult Learning Environment (3)

EDTC 817, Advanced Developing and Managing Distance Learning Programs (3)

Fall III

EDTC  901, Dissertation I (6) [including Proposal Review]

Spring III

EDTC 902, Dissertation II (6)