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Citation Guide

This guide provides only the most common kind of references. For all reference examples, please consult the latest edition of the APA, MLA or CSE style manual located at the Reference Desk. Choose one example that is most like your source and follow the format.

* When in doubt, provide more information rather than less.
** Punctuation is an important component of each style. Pay close attention to the punctuation in each example.

Guide to CSE : Council of Science Editors
( Formerly Council of Biology Editors)

Author's last name followed by a space and initial(s). Title of book. Publication place:
Publishing company; Publication year. Total number of pages of the  book followed by a
space and p.

1. No period after first and second initials and no space between them.
2. Do not underline or italicize book titles.

Larson EJ. Evolution : the remarkable history of a scientific theory. NewYork: Modern
Library; 2006. 347 p.

If edition other than the first, include the number of the edition after the title.

Karp G. Cell and molecular biology : concepts and experiments. 2nd ed.New York: J.
Wiley; 1999. 816 p.

Entry in an Encyclopedia

Author's name(s). Title of the entry. In: Editor's name(s), editor(s). Title of encyclopedia.
Volume number. Publication place: Publication company; Publication year. Inclusive
page number(s).

Example 1:
Brooks SC, Pauley RJ. Breast cancer biology. In: Dulbecco R, editor.Encyclopedia of
human biology. Volume 2. San Diego: Academic Press; 1991. p 53-65.

If there is no author or editor, omit this information.

Example 2:
Imago. In: World book encyclopedia. Volume 10. Chicago: World BookEncyclopedia;
2000. p 79-81.

Journal Article (print)

Format 1: Journal Paginated by Volume
The author(s). Title of the article. Title of the journal followed by year; Volume number:
inclusive page numbers.

1. Abbreviate titles of journals that consist of more than one word. Journal Title Abbreviations
2. Capitalize all words in the journal title (e.g. Science, Sci Am, J Clin Psychopharmacol).

3. List up to ten authors using a comma between names; for a work with eleven or more authors, list
the first ten names followed by a comma and the words "and others."

Baur JF. The second most important step for chapter vitality. Am Sci 2006;1:482-86.

Format 2: Journal Paginated by Issue
The author(s). Title of the article. Title of the journal followed by year and month;Volume
number( issue number): page numbers.

Jacson R. Rising obesity rates: who's to blame? Health Care Food Nutr Focus 2006

Journal article (online)

The author(s). Title of the article. Title of the journal [Internet]. Date of publication [
the date you accessed it]; volume (issue): page numbers.Available from: the URL.

If the article is unpaginated, include in brackets the number or an estimated number of pages, screens,
paragraphs, lines, or bytes.

Isaacs FJ, Blake WJ, Collins JJ. Signal processing in single cells. Science [Internet].
2005 Mar 25 [cited 2009 Jun 17];307(5717): 1886-1888. Available from:

Web site

Author (an individual or an organization). Title of the home page  [homepage on Internet].
Place of publication: Publisher (or the  site's sponsor). Date of publication. Copyright
date (if no date of publication is given or if publication date and the copyright date are
different) [the date the page was last modified; the date you accessed  the site].
Available from: the URL.

American Society of Gene Therapy [homepage on the Internet]. Milwaukee (WI): The
Society; c2000-2006 [modified 2006 Dec.20; cited 2006 Dec. 21]. Available from:

In-Text Citation

In a CSE-style paper, the source is referenced by a superscript number.

Scientists are beginning to question the validity of linking genes to a number of human
traits and disorders1.


1. Horgan J. Eugenics revisited. Sci Am 1993;268(6):122-30.

Style Manuals

College writing usually recommends two major style manuals: APA and MLA.
There are other style manuals that may be suggested by professors. These manuals are available in the library reference area.

  • Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Ed.
    Call number: Ref. BF 76.7 .P83 2010.
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 8th Ed.
    Call number: Ref. LB 2369 .M52 2016.
  • A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations (Turabian) 8th Ed. Call number: Ref. LB2369 .T8 2013.
  • The Chicago manual of style 16th Ed.
    Call number: Ref. Z253 .U69 2010
  • Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers 8th Ed.
    Call number: Ref. T11 .S386 2014
  • The Columbia guide to online style 2nd Ed.
    Call number: Ref. PN171 .F56 W35 2006
  • American Sociological Association Style Guide 4th Ed.
    Call number: Ref. HM569 .A54 2010
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