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Info Lit Tutorial: Session 3


1. In order to search for variant terms: computer, computers, computing, computerized, which is the best way to truncate?
a) Com*
b) Computer*
c) Comput*
d) None of the above

2. To focus or narrow your search, which search strategy is correct?
a) Nutrition AND vitamins
b) Nutrition OR vitamins
c) Nutrition NOT vitamins

3. Using the online catalog OSCAR to look for books on the topic "depression" which is the best way to search?
a) By Title
b) By Subject
c) By Author
d) By Periodical title

4. You need to search for scholarly or peer reviewed journal articles on the topic "early childhood education" in a database such as Academic Search Premier. Select the best search strategy:
a) Type "early childhood education" in Search Box.
b) Type "early childhood education" in Search Box and then
choose Subject Terms from the Field Menu.
c) Type "early childhood education" in Search Box and limit your
search by: Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

5. When critically evaluating journal articles, you should consider the following. Select the BEST answer.
a) Relevance and peer reviewed/scholarly publication.
b) Currency and length of the article.
c) Availability in full text database.
d) Author credentials.


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