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World Civilizations:


World Art History:


Ancient Africa:

  • African Timelines -Table of contents of African history and culture.
  • African Voices - History - Provided by National Museum of National History, Smithsonian Institution.
  • The Ancient West African City of Benin - Exhibition in the National Museum of African Art's collection.
  • Explore the Wonders - Let you explore the wonders of African: black kingdoms of the Nile, the Swahili coast , slave kingdoms, the Holy land, road to Timbuktu, lost cities of the south, etc.
  • Mysteries of the Nile - Explore the Pyramids, temples, and other monumental architecture of ancient Egypt through riveting 360° photos shot during this NOVA/PBS Online Adventure.
  • The Story of Africa -The history of the continent from an African perspective.

Ancient China/India:

  • Ancient China - Astrology, Buddhism, Confucius, famous sayings, dragons, Dunhuang caves, Feng shui and more.
  • The British Museum: Ancient India - Interactive features about ancient India through the use of objects from the British Museum's collection. Topics include geography, Buddha, the civilization, writing, scripts, time in ancient India, and the evolution of early Hinduism and its gods and goddesses.
  • Chinese Wedding Traditions - A composite of ancient Chinese wedding customs including the marriage proposal, betrothal, wedding preparations, ceremony, and post-wedding rituals.
  • Daily Life in Ancient China - Basic background information covering the period from about 10,000 B.C. through 900 A.D., and lesson plans, classroom activities, and annotated links.
  • Daily Life in Ancient India - Basic information and links for the ancient civilizations of India.
  • Digital South Asia Library - Reference Resources, Images, Maps, Statistics, Bibliographies, Indexes, and more.
  • Historical Atlas of South Asia - edited by Joseph E. Schwartzberg, the Digital South Asia Library.
  • The Story of India - In this landmark six-part series for PBS and the BBC, Michael Wood will embark on a dazzling and exciting journey through today's India, "seeking in the present for clues to her past, and in the past for clues to her future".
  • A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization - Features a timeline with links to information and images, and essays on topics such as ancient tombs, Buddhism, clothing, and gardens.

Ancient Egypt:

  • The Ancient Egypt Web Site - A timeline; maps and photographs of monuments; information on Middle-Egyptian grammar and the royal titulary of the Egyptian Pharaohs; a browsable list of people, places, and things; a bibliography; and links. Created by a Belgian Egyptologist.
  • Ancient Egyptian Culture - Daily life, history, mythology and more.
  • Ancient Egyptian Pottery - Pictures, history of Egyptian pottery and ceramic arts.
  • The British Museum- Ancient Egypt - Covers topics: home life, geography, religion, the pharaohs, pyramids, temples, trades, and writing from the British Museum.
  • Egyptians - Articles, images, and interactive media from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  • - An introductory Web site on ancient Egypt, including pharaohs, clip art, pyramids, queens, King Tut, mummies, art, religion, gods, hieroglyphs, societies, and the Sphinx.
  • Larry Orcutt's Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Explainted.

Ancient Greece:


Ancient and Medieval Middle Eastern:

Ancient Rome:

  • Ancient Rome - Resources of ancient Rome.
  • De Imperatoribus Romanis - An online encyclopedia on the rulers of the Roman empire from Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) to Constantine XI Palaeologus (1449-1453).
  • Encyclopedia Romana - Essays on the history and culture of Rome.
  • The Roman Empire in the First Century - Meet the Emperors of Rome, read the words of poets, philosophers, and learn about life in the 1st Century AD.
  • Romans - From Ancient & classical cultures, provided by Multnomah County Library.

Mayan Mythology:


Medieval Europe:

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