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At the Circulation Desk, patrons may borrow library materials for home use, as well as find assistance searching for and requesting materials using the library catalog, OSCAR. Click here for the Library Collection Location Guide. Classroom reserve materials, theses, and special collection materials are available at the Circulation Desk. Online library account access is available through the “My Library Account” link in OSCAR , where patrons can review account information, renew materials, and change addresses. In addition, the Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with many institutions in New Jersey.

Communiversity students may request circulating books through OSCAR, the library’s online catalog. Instructions can be found by clicking “Communiversity” located in the top green toolbar of OSCAR. Available books will be checked out to your account and shipped to the Student Success Center Office in Wall Township for pick-up. Books that have a location of “checked out” will be placed on hold and shipped when they become available. Please return borrowed books to the Student Success Center Office in Wall Township.

Any currently registered student, faculty, or staff members may borrow circulating materials upon presentation of a valid university ID card. Also, alumni may borrow up to five books with a NJCU alumni card. Borrowers are responsible for all library materials charged to their library account. Specific policies are as follows:

Loan Period:  28 days, with a valid NJCU student ID card   Loan Period:  3 months, with a NJCU faculty ID card
Renewals:  two 28 day renewals per book   Renewals:  two 3 month renewals per book
Book Limit: 25 books for NJCU students; 5 books for other students with reciprocal borrowing privileges and NJCU alumni   Book Limit: 50 books
Late Book Fine:  $0.20 per day per book   Late Book Fine:  none
Bullet point Lost Book Fee: $100 per lost book
  Bullet point Lost Book Fee: $100 per lost book
Bullet point Lost Book Fee for Juvenile Collection: $75 per lost book   Bullet point Lost Book Fee for Juvenile Collection: $75 per lost book
Theses Collection Loan Period: 6 hours in-house use only
When the library is closed, borrowed materials can be placed in the book depository located on the exterior wall at the front of the building.  Borrowers will be billed a Lost Book Fee for any books which are not returned to the library.  Library borrowing privileges will be suspended for patrons with delinquent accounts.


The reserve collection is housed at the Circulation Desk.  The collection consists largely of course materials (e.g., textbooks and instructor’s notes).  All items can be accessed by presenting a valid NJCU Student ID Card. The loan period for all reserve materials is 2 hours in-house use only. The late fee is $.25 per hour. Check with circulation personnel on duty for specific rules.

For student convenience in copying reserve materials, photocopiers are located in the library on the first and second floors. Prices start at $.10 per copy. Please bring change. Coins and dollar bills are accepted. Gothic ID cards can also be used on two machines. Color photocopiers are available as well.


Books and other materials (e.g., NJCU library books, textbooks, instructor’s notes, homework solutions, personal copies, and so on) may be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk for the students in their courses. The loan period for all reserve materials is 2 hours in-house use only. The Library does not purchase textbooks. However, instructors may place personal copies on reserve for student use. The Library cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items. When bringing materials for reserve to the library, please fill out a Reserve Material Form which is available either at the Circulation Desk or through this web site.  For instructions for this form and detailed library reserve policy, please see the Reserve Material Form.

The library may place excerpts from copyrighted works on reserve for faculty members in accordance with copyright guidelines.  Examples of photocopied materials which may be placed on reserve include one copy of:

  • a chapter from a book;
  • an article from a periodical or newspaper;
  • a short story, a short essay, or short poem, whether or not from a collective work;
  • a chart, diagram, graph, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to make sure that all materials placed on reserve adhere to Copyright Law either because they follow the “fair use” guidelines which reflect a student’s right to photocopy for personal scholastic use or because permission from copyright owners to photocopy was granted.  For complete copyright law information, click on Title 17, US Code.


Through VALE (Virtue Academic Library Environment)
This borrowing program is for faculty and staff of member institutions who are in good standing at their home libraries. Graduate and undergraduate students are also extended privileges from most participating libraries. An Application Form for VALE Reciprocal Borrowing must first be completed at the Circulation Desk of NJCU Library. Borrowing privileges at member institutions vary. VALE borrowers from other institutions are allowed to check out up to five books at a time from the NJCU Library

Students fulfilling these requirements are allowed to check out up to five books at a time after completing the application form. Please review VALE's Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement and Instructions to Faculty, Staff and Students.

- List of participating libraries for faculty and staff and contact information
- List of participating libraries for graduate students and contact information
- List of participating libraries for undergraduate students and contact information

At the home library:

  1. When NJCU faculty, staff, or students if applicable, express an interest in applying for onsite borrowing privileges at a participating VALE library: (a) provide them with a copy of the VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Application Form.
  2. When presented with a completed form, verify that the user is currently enrolled or employed in NJCU and is in good standing at the library.
  3. The authorized home library designee (see lists of Faculty/staff Contacts, Graduate Students Contacts, or Undergraduate Students Contacts at the desk and also posted on the VALE web site) then completes the section of the application form labeled “This section filled out by home library staff.” Include the name of your library, your name and title (please print), your signature, telephone number, email, and today’s date. A photocopy of the completed form is then required for record keeping purposes.
  4. In cases when the library’s designee is unavailable, follow local procedures to complete the pre-signed application form.

At the lending library:

  1. When presented with a completed VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Application Form from another participating library, check that the designated library contact has completed the bottom section of the form labeled. This section is filled out by home library staff (see lists of Faculty/staff Contacts, Graduate Students Contacts, or Undergraduate Students Contacts at the desk and also posted on the VALE web site).” If you are unsure if an authorized staff member at the home library has signed the form, telephone the home library to verbally confirm the user's identity. Do not refer users back to their home library without first attempting to confirm their eligibility.
  2. Ask to see the user's photo ID from their home institution and check for currency, call home library if necessary.
  3. Follow local Circulation Procedures for granting VALE borrowing privileges; for example, create an online user record and/or borrower card.
  4. Remember to always give the expiration date of June 30th of the current academic year.
  5. If an established VALE borrower wishes to renew their privileges, they must present a new signed form from their home library before you can extend their privileges for another year.

Please note that Hudson County Community College students are also extended privileges; however the agreement is not reciprocal. HCCC students can check out up to five books with a current college ID card.

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