15 Credits in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies and six (6) additional credits from approved electives in other departments for a total of 21 credits.

What will you learn about?

The minor focuses on the complex geopolitical, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental realities of the developing countries and territories to the south of the United States and the Caribbean region. The program is organized to offer courses in multiple disciplines (anthropology, geography, history, economics, gender and women studies, literature, modern languages, political sciences, to mentions some) aimed to broaden your knowledge of Latin American and the Caribbean regions and comprehend their global impact.

The Difference a Minor Makes

Some of the career routes enhanced by a Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies include: Admission Councelor, Archivist, Attorney, Business Manager, Community Affairs Expert, Conflict Mediation Consultant, Counselor, Cultural Affairs Officer, Customer Relations Representative, Customs and Immigration Official, Educator, Federal Agent, Fine Arts, Hospitality Manager, Human Resources Professional, Import/Export Specialist, International Financial Advisor, International Relations Professional, Interpreter, Journalist, Music, National Security Professional, Non-profit Administrator, Nursing, Overseas Representative, Peace Corps Worker, Politician, Public Policy Expert, Public Relations Consultant, Social Worker, Travel Supervisory.