Information Literacy Tutorial Videos

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Information Literacy Tutorial Videos

Information Literacy Tutorial Videos

These selected tutorial videos are provided by other libraries and may refer to resources that are not included in the Guarini Library. Please view them for general instruction only.

Variety of information literacy topics 

  • Instructional Videos - Ten video tutorials covering a variety of information literacy topics, by Kimbel Library, Coastal Carolina University.

What is Information Literacy?

  • What Is Information Literacy - 6 minutes - an introduction of ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education - by Modern Librarian Memoirs

How do you start your research? How do you select topics and sources?

What is a database? How do you search for articles in a database?

What is a peer reviewed journal article? How do you find It?

How do you evaluate information?

What is plagiarism? Why do you need to cite your sources?

What is a literature review?

How can you search the web effectively ?

How is information created in Wikipedia?

How is information created in Wikipedia?


Last updated: 6/23/2020