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Meriem Bendaoud

Meriem Bendaoud

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Department: Biology
Office Location: S-335
Phone: 201-200-3054
Area of Interest/Research:

The main focus of Dr. Bendaoud’s research is the study of bacterial biofilms and the development of new biofilm-specific pharmacologic strategies. Biofilm formation for many microorganisms is an important virulence factor and a crucial step in the pathogenesis of bacterial infection. Bacteria growing attached to a biotic and abiotic surface are protected and resistant to antibiotic treatment and antimicrobial agents, making them difficult to eradicate with conventional treatments. The need for new therapeutic approaches is critical as the number of infections caused by biofilm forming bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococccus epidermidis has increased.  Dr. Bendaoud is interested in studying bacterial competitive interactions in in-vitro biofilms and antibiotic-induced biofilm formation as well as identifying and characterizing natural compounds, which inhibit biofilm formation of pathogenic bacteria.

Gram staining, selective agar procedures, crystal violet stains, Antimicrobial susceptibility testing, MIC evaluation (Minimal Inhibitory concentration), Bacterial biofilm, assays, Virulence assays and planktonic cell killing assay, Bacterial identification using genotypic and phenotypic analyses, Site directed insertional mutagenesis and genetic complementation, Nucleic acid extraction and purification, plasmid DNA preparation, PCR, RT-PCR, primers design, gel electrophoresis, Restriction enzyme analysis