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    What is America Reads? 

    The America Reads Challenge was established to ensure that all children become successful readers. To further this effort, colleges and universities were encouraged to provide opportunities for work-study students to serve as reading tutors to elementary school children. This program was designed specifically to fund tutoring positions to work with pre-kindergarten and elementary school children and their families.

    At the inception of the America Reads program, it was estimated that 23 million American adults could not read or write. Americans who cannot read or write cannot function as those who can. Illiterate adults are often unable to participate in everyday activities such as reading medicine bottles or street signs. They cannot help their own children with homework. They cannot read restaurant menus. They cannot use the internet effectively.

    Illiteracy will not disappear by itself, and there is no easy solution to the problem of illiteracy. Recognizing that young people who do not learn to read become adults who cannot read, the America Reads program focuses on the prevention of adult illiteracy by working with young children.  The America Reads tutors function as reading mentors for children so they progress and become literate adults. As college students, the America Reads tutors have already benefited from being able to read and write proficiently. The efforts of America Readstutors help children avoid the severe life limitations that come with adult illiteracy. America Reads tutors take pride in knowing that they are making a difference in the fight against adult illiteracy. 
    "It makes us all very proud to hear a student exclaim that he or she can work independently or that a certain activity is 'easy,' because they finally understand it."

    - Bianca Gonzalez, America Reads tutor  

    Who does America Reads reach? 
    New Jersey City University (NJCU) America Reads tutors mentor  children in Jersey City public  schools within walking distance of NJCU’s campus. Included in our schools are Jersey City PS #34 and#38, and A. Harry Moore School. During the academic year 2012- 2013, NJCUAmerica Reads reached over 150 students.
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    NJCU America Reads tutors work under the  supervision of classroom teachers, and provide students with support in a one-on-one and/or small groups setting. Since reading is a skill that is needed for all subjects, NJCU America Reads tutors are not limited to working exclusively in language arts, but support students in allrelated subject areas. NJCU America Reads tutors perform literacy-related duties such as: administering informal (not graded) assessments; reading books aloud to individual or small groups of students; listening/supporting students’ oral reading practice; leading individual or small group text discussions; providing one-on-one or small group assistance in literacy centers; and providing one-on-one or small group support as students complete assignments.
    How does one become an America Reads tutor?  

    In order to become an NJCU America Reads tutor one must be an NJCU student with a Federal Work-Study award as a result of applying for financial aid.

    To download a Financial Aid application click here.
    [ Please note: the priority deadline to apply for Financial Aid is April 15th.] 
    If one is interested in becoming an America Read s tutor in a Jersey City public school (within walking distance of NJCU), please contact  
    Dr. Michelle Rosen, Program Coordinator  or 201-200-3325.