Lending Policy

  • Book Lending Policy for University Community Members 

    (Note: For book lending policy for educators/librarians/donors, please click here.)

    The M. Jerry Weiss Center will permit all members of the New Jersey City University community, including all students, alumni, faculty, and staff as well as Advisory Board members and volunteers of the Center, to borrow books from the Center. Any individual borrowing from the Center will be expected to complete a review of the book to ensure that the Center fulfills its obligations to donors.

    • In order to borrow from the Center, NJCU faculty/staff/students must have a current and activated Gothic ID in order to borrow from the center. New students may present a schedule with an official photo ID (a driver’s license or passport) in order to demonstrate enrollment while waiting for their ID cards. Alumni must present a copy of an alumni ID card (available from the Office of Alumni Relations).  Advisory board members and volunteers will not need to present their IDs.
    • When completing a lending transaction, all borrowers must complete the borrowing form with up-to-date contact information (e.g., personal and NJCU e-mail address, physical address, and phone number).
    • All borrowed books must be documented on the M. Jerry Weiss Center Borrowing Form which will also document cost of the book.
    • The borrower will be held responsible for the books. Any lost and/or damaged books must be replaced by the borrower. The borrower shall acknowledge his/her obligation to the Center and its materials by providing both printed name and signature/date on the borrowing form.
    • Borrowed books must be returned by the end of the semester.
    • When returning books, both the borrower and the staff member accepting the books must sign the borrowing form to acknowledge receipt.
    • To assist with any grievance that may arise from damage, loss, or discrepancies, the Advisory Board shall create a Grievance Committee effective the date of approval of this policy.

     Approved March, 2, 2011

    For the lending form, please click here and fill out appropriate information.